[ Land of seafood ] Stone Crab in Stream…

My friend often told his country, currently only the stone crab is available at most. I’ve been to his home: this is a mountainous township in An Xuân (Tuy An district) and saw that it was true. Perhaps, due to the conditions in this remote mountain forests, That’s far away back from home, this little crab type were people from other places to exploit should also present a lot.

Stone crab is often big as much as a holding hands or some of them’re compared with the cups for eating,all of them’re red-brown. They eat insects, leaves, live in burrows under rocks with the banana, the trees on the stream on the forest. The beginning of the rainy season, the soil wet, cool spring water should frequently hang out crab goes in search of food. Want to catch this type of crab is not difficult, just few grasp the cold rice or manioc, holding back the few roasted beans …, Ian, along the streams, that is the crab can out of Red Springs, the red forest,

So many crabs should people here often only choose the catch has beautiful red, size medium, peeled medium crabs as delicious. When the catch of crabs, are made in the demotic but taste extremely yummy again. If anyone once personally go caught, processed and then eat, will hardly forget.
Can in-place processing by burning bonfires to wait, when the charcoal disintegrate as us for each child onto the grill. This barbecue, no condiments but when nine-scented crab … ngầy. Sitting around the fire, taken individually, separating the casing removing tiles, removed as possible and so delicious to eat chili salt dots. Tough and sweet-scented forests crab meat should feel the meal is always interesting.

If you like, you can use the baked crab to retire salt. Crab salt made simple but exotic eating very tasty. Should select the fist sized crab, roasted the meat section, and then choose to retire quietly belly with salt, mashed sweet powder at least, leaves the ship outside the regrowth ngò with sim peppers Woods. There’s a tasty crab salt Cup. This dish is eaten with hot rice or rice are both weird and appetite just sneaks in the stomach.
Crab steamed Lemongrass is also a delicious dish. This dish is made of the number of lots and the need to have many of the same new business figures. After cleaning, the crab has bright red, very aromatic Lemongrass flavor. Stone crab soup is also a unique finger. Cook crab soup with the vegetables forest grows on the banks of the stream. This dish is eaten in hot season better than the rainy season.

Along with grilled crab, crab, crab, crab soup salt cleaning stone crab Lemongrass, the forest also made many other delicacies such as rock salt roasted crab, stone crab cooked rice vermicelli porridge, Rieu … The dish would also delicious, attractive and also extremely nutritious. The fruit is a great specialty of Mount forest.

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