An Thổ Old Castle

An THổ Castle located downstream Cai River is located in the village of An Tho, An Dan commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province. AN THổ Castle is one of the places marked many important historical events of Phu Yen Province.

AN THổ Castle was built in the period from 1832 to 1836 under King Minh Mang, with the plan of the square, with an area of 6.400m2, the four corners jutting outwards up, surrounded by a moat 15 m wide, about 3.5m high wall. The four gates of the back four southwestern North east with four doors name: Tien, Hau, Friends, Ta.

Outside AN THổ Castle and some ancillary works. South dikes against flooding Household Members, inside the levee is School Shooting – where soldiers train. The police have a waterfront area called ledge, where a garrison of soldiers statue team. City Market is located near the mouth of Friends is where barter of apparatus as well as officials of the people in the region AN THổ Castle.

After construction is complete, AN THổ Castle became the administrative center of the feudal government of Phu Yen Province. In 1888, the capital base of Phu Yen moved from the Vung Lam AN THổ Castle in Castle AN THổ Xuan Dai Bay about 10km from north, but only here for about 1 year later moved to AN THổ Castle. In 1899, the capital base to move from An Phu Yen Turkish stationed in the village of Long Binh (now in Song Cau town).

From 1899 onwards, AN THổ Castle continues to assume the role of the government is the government seat Tuy An. By about 1939, the government seat of Tuy An transfer to another position, the role of history as the end AN THổ Castle.

During the period from 1901 to 1906, he is the father Tran Van Pho Phu Tran Phu Yen was appointed to hold the government in Tuy An District education. He put the whole family into the Prussian working and living in AN THổ Castle. And it is here on the day 01/5/1904 witnessed the birth of a son of the party elite that is Mr. Tran Phu – Try the first General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of Phu Yen and the formation and development of the National Tourism Central Coast – Phu Yen 2011, the monument was invested AN THổ Castle embellished souvenir exhibitors including former Party General Secretary Tran Phu and several auxiliary buildings around.

AN THổ Castle is one of the only places not to be missed by travelers to the land of Tuy An, land of festivals tied a string of historical – cultural, scenic destination made guide, friendly and full of hospitality.

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