“Củng Sơn” partially-dried beef

Cung Son township located on the vast plateau of Son Hoa, Phu Yen Province. It features a partially-dried beef dishes bring flavor of Mountain City. This is a delicious dish,… Read more

Oyster Porridge in Ô Loan

Oysters are considered a special seafood of the region of the river water umbrella Loan. Almost like oysters are people here diving catch around the year, but the delicious oysters… Read more

[ Land of seafood ] Stone Crab in Stream…

My friend often told his country, currently only the stone crab is available at most. I’ve been to his home: this is a mountainous township in An Xuân (Tuy An district) and… Read more

[ Land of seafood ] Grilled Animalia Fish

Today, many people long for confusion between Animalia and Crucian carp. In fact this is two fish called and the body quite similar but totally different. In terms of economic… Read more

For the first love in Phu Yen

After days of looking forward, finally, I was watching the movie “I see gold flower on green grass” by director Victor Vu, It adapted from the novels of the same… Read more

Ngoc Lang Temple

Ngoc Lang Temple is located on a campus of about 3,000m2, surrounded by lush fields and gardens, crowded homes. Families facing south, in front of Da Rang River, Da Bia mountain… Read more

Mũi Điện (Pole of Đai Lanh)

From the city of Tuy Hoa travel about 35km south east is to Mũi Điện or known as “Pole of Dai Lanh”. It’s located in Phuoc Tan Village, Hoa Tam commune, Dong… Read more

Festival of Le Diem village (Ede’s Ethnic People in Phu Yen)

Buon Le Diem is a community of Ede people in Phu Yen, this is the first village to be recognized as trafficking in Song Hinh district culture. Wholesale long Le… Read more

Triggerfish Dishes

In marine species, there is a fish-shaped things are realized, as the ark square, stocky meat, more delicious and fishermen should be nicknamed the “chicken saltwater “Trigger-Fish was the same… Read more

“Hòn Yến” (Rocky Yen)

When we go down south or up north contrary, there is a place at the position passing Quan Cau Pass (Tuy An – Phu Yen), look toward the South China… Read more