Phú-Yên “xèo pancake

The weather is turning to winter. Flickers of that in the afternoon, we go on the road, where he hears often smell smoke pancakes fly away, subtly aromatic, stomach reminds… Read more

Water-lily Dishes – a unique specialty in Phu Yen

Water-lily flower is a species of freshwater, “Bau” in the local language is an area of about 126ha area by the water. Around it is very dense green bamboo. It… Read more

Sông Cầu Crab Specialties

Crab River Bridge area (Phu Yen) to a hand, plump, dark blue body, more and overalls speckled white, fat germ. One might boiled, roasted or grilled salted, cooked very interesting… Read more

Núi Thơm (Thơm Mountain ecotourism)

On full moon nights, we will walk the path crunch the trees, visitors can catch the hare. On this spring in Tuy Hoa, visitors would be surprised to walk on… Read more

Tips for travel to Phu Yen: The Transportation

The ideal time to travel Phu Yen Phu Yen’s climate has two distinct seasons. The rainy season between September – 12. Therefore, for the most convenient for sightseeing, you should… Read more