Beaches of Phu Yên – Wildy but lovely

Phu Yen – overlapping areas with the Central Highlands province, located on the coast of South Central. It offers a vast plain, the vast blue sea, white sand, sunshine, so that it’s Phu Yen or more charming in four visitors. Along the coast of Phu Yen has many romantic sea Beach, untouched and intact, is the harmonious combination between mountain and sea. The Beach beach with clear blue waters always, calm located next to rows of casuarina and coconut trees of green, pale sand laid down by region is the ideal location for your relaxation and family during this holiday.
1.Beach Phu Thuong – Ganh Yen
Phu Thuong Beach sea – Ganh Nest is located in the village of Nhon Hoi Hon Yen, An Hoa commune, Tuy An, Phu Yen. It is a pristine coastline with clear blue water and fine sand stretching along the bow. Ganh Nest has a width of about 600m, 400m long, is next to Phu Thuong Beach wonderful bath.Phu Thuong you to not only be immersed in the blue waters of the sea that you can admire the beauty of many mysteries here. You can have fun picnic in Ganh Yen, special place full of fun is very convenient for fishing, there are many professional angler looking to come here.

2. Bang Beach

Bang Beach is a beautiful natural landscape of Hoa Tam commune. Beach bathing tens of hectares wide, stretches on the banks of white sand stretching over 3km, gradual slope away from the quiet but clear blue water sea. Mounted with two heads Eagle Beach is rocky hills piled up with many caves along the grassland gross covered trees contributing to the natural beauty, pristine areas. One more great advantage that natural gift for this is where fresh water streams flow from the foothills, with clear waters, cool. Eagle Beach is an ideal place for travel and beach maintenance, now this place has been planned in the sea resort of the province.

3. Tu Nham Beach

Tuy Hoa City from travel along Highway 1 north, then turn into the path runs along the bay past Xuan Dai Dong Tranh mountain range that you have access to the sea Beach Tu Nham it! Beach Beach Tu Nham (Xuan Thinh commune, Song Cau town) approximately 8km long, bow-shaped head is complete with 2 “two results mace”: Yonghe mountains and mountains of Mr. Dien. Looking down from on high sand hills like Tu Nham crescent moon embracing the vast blue sea bay. The rolling sand hills here than wild shrubs seem to make up a “strange” for this place. Besides Tu Nham is also the place where visitors can easily enjoy the fresh seafood dishes fresh from the sea by fishermen nets up at the small fishing village hidden Mr. Dien foothills .

4. Mon Beach is a famous name Hoa Tam commune, Tuy Hoa district, Phu Yen. This is a welcome sea Beach earliest days of Vietnam, Beach less than 1km long beach but great beautiful unspoiled, has been listed as a national victory. Those who were once on Mon Beach is not from stupor before the wild beauty of this nice little sea Beach. Mon Beach is the smell in the north and south of Cape Electric shielding, more than 400m long coastline, white sand, blue water, light waves, small and sloping slope away.

5. Beach Tram is far from the city of Tuy Hoa – Phu Yen about 90 km from the city of Quy Nhon-Binh Dinh 40 km south. Tram Beach is located next to the bay Cu Mong quiet and romantic, on the rolling sand hills leaning against the mountains with an arc, Beach is surrounded by two mountain make a discreet stone coffee absolute quiet. Panorama Beach Tram is a 800m long isolated valley hillside titles with fine white sandy coastal beauty of the tropics.

6. Beach Hang Ran is located on An Chan commune, Tuy An, Phu Yen is like “fairies still asleep” is a golden sand Beach extends between two large rocky headlands jutting into the sea, Beach as a paradise of wild beauty peaceful. Although only 500m long but less than an indentation landscape Beach Beach Beach inferior one else. Left Beach is huge clusters of black stone with the launch of waves of tiny droplets class, from this fine golden sands stretching with a moderate level until cape jasmine southern rock, seen from a distance looks like this place a green grass covered hill. If you’re looking for a tourist destination for summer holidays or the upcoming Phu yen is the perfect suggestion for you. To be more active in your trip you can book hotels in advance through Vnbooking Phu Yen – specializes in online booking site quickly and prestige. Vnbooking gives you the Phu Yen hotels are of good quality, affordable.

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