Buffalo sacrifice Festival of Bana’s Ethnic People

Buffalo sacrifice civilians rotating column or rotating column called ceremony, buffalo ceremony, a rich cultural activities the identity of Ba Na ethnic people in Phu Yen held in highland village of Phu Dong commune fat, mountainous Dong Xuan district.

It is also the operation of mountainous people celebrate 36 years of liberation of Phu Yen (1/4 / 1975-1 / 4/2011), Phu Yen 400 years of establishment and development in association with the National tourism Year southern central coastal Phu Yen province in 2011 due to host.

The buffalo ceremony was held to thank heaven and earth, thank god, thank those who have sacrificed in the Village Council in the cause of protecting the village, national defense; Giang and pray bless peace good monsoon rains, rice full of an affair, rife cassava; pray for the people in the villages everyone was healthy.

The Ba Na Village Council held a ceremony in buffalo rotating column to repay Giang Giang and heaven bless bridge. Therefore, each member of the business community worry, cumulative and most recent two years of bumper crops of upland rice, cassava prices should jointly prepared enough gifts to the organization.

Before celebrating around a weeks, the healthy man in Village Council got together in the woods, looking for materials such as bamboo, rattan, bamboo … about 3.5m tall trees mentioned that her children called Kưng-tak; A user-braided rattan-KBO Crouching buffalo’s neck to force. Before the festivities begin, the Village Council slaughtered a pig worship Giang said there were reports for the buffalo, and they kill a pig to another and remind 3 Choe wine to worship ancestors buffalo certificate that will be thanksgiving Giang … True day, relatives gathered at the communal house and organizational culture planted 4 trees mentioned in the middle of a yard in front of a few hundred square meters, plants raised bamboo and bamboo trees that are on each attached a long rope is woven herringbone bamboo style. At the end of each wire, people associated the object picture is painted black, red plastic tree like a bird, boat, circle … About 3 pm, the ox is tie “A-Crouching -Kbo “on neck and slaughtered one cow, to mention a few Choe wine along Giang forest land Giang, Giang saw buffalo mountain … about almost Giang heaven; slaughter a pig castrated to worship Giang invited grandparents, ancestors of the festival. The shaman lined up horizontally, left hand holding a rice bowl is full, the impulsive right hand to the sky to scatter rice buffalo fell back, down who started the festival stood around. And that night the Village Council did not sleep; they almost tirelessly to constantly beat gongs, dance oval, double drum clap and go around the buffalo and trees mentioned.The next morning, she left the organization and the shaman offerings as well as left-hand movements rice bowls, scatter rice impulsive hand to the sky, his mouth on the witness Giang. while practicing shaman ritual, people dance around the tree also referred to 9am and buffalo ceremony began.Meanwhile, a village elder holding a long knife, sharp and very sharp cutting back sharply on buffalo toward the thighs after the bleeding. The shaman cloth or cotton wipe blood and bring marking on the forehead of those who participated in the festival as reported that the blessing of her children gave Giang; both the mother’s babies a few months old baskets behind also enjoy “grace” is. Then the young buffalo healthy on 4 legs and tie the tag to Buffalo collapsed to the ground; selected villages simultaneously experienced people to the buffalo. After the buffalo died, they cut off the head of the column-mounted buffalo referred to the tree then two young men carrying the first 3 rounds buffalo around the column in the opposite direction clockwise. And the shaman continued skyward scatter rice Giang invited to get buffalo, buffalo will substitution cultivation, cultivation for Giàng sun.

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