Song Hinh (Hinh River) – The eco-tourism zone in Phu Yen

Song Hinh has strengths in tourism, enjoying the water source is the river three great rivers Ba, Song Hinh and Krong Nang River. This is the ideal place for ecological… Read more

Xuân Đài Bay

There is a small bay on Xuan Dai Bay, Mountains wrapped and stretched out to the sea beaches, it caused chaos for travelers in the heart at first sight. Xuan… Read more

Buffalo sacrifice Festival of Bana’s Ethnic People

Buffalo sacrifice civilians rotating column or rotating column called ceremony, buffalo ceremony, a rich cultural activities the identity of Ba Na ethnic people in Phu Yen held in highland village… Read more

Ngoc Lang Temple

Ngoc Lang Temple is located on a campus of about 3,000m2, surrounded by lush fields and gardens, crowded homes. Families facing south, in front of Da Rang River, Da Bia mountain… Read more

Mũi Điện (Pole of Đai Lanh)

From the city of Tuy Hoa travel about 35km south east is to Mũi Điện or known as “Pole of Dai Lanh”. It’s located in Phuoc Tan Village, Hoa Tam commune, Dong… Read more

Festival of Le Diem village (Ede’s Ethnic People in Phu Yen)

Buon Le Diem is a community of Ede people in Phu Yen, this is the first village to be recognized as trafficking in Song Hinh district culture. Wholesale long Le… Read more

“Hòn Yến” (Rocky Yen)

When we go down south or up north contrary, there is a place at the position passing Quan Cau Pass (Tuy An – Phu Yen), look toward the South China… Read more

Diem Truong Old village

The Diem Truong village currently has two commune which include upper and lower Diem Truong, It’s located near Cu Mong east, west and north by the My Phuong village, the south of… Read more

An Thổ Old Castle

An THổ Castle located downstream Cai River is located in the village of An Tho, An Dan commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province. AN THổ Castle is one of… Read more

Vũng Rô

Vũng Rô  are people known as the red address in the war against imperialism in Vietnam. It is the landing of the ship unindicated to carrying weapons supplies to the… Read more