Song Hinh (Hinh River) – The eco-tourism zone in Phu Yen

Song Hinh has strengths in tourism, enjoying the water source is the river three great rivers Ba, Song Hinh and Krong Nang River. This is the ideal place for ecological… Read more

Triem Đuc thermae park

Blue flowing river here forms a blue abyss, heated above 70 ° C from the reefs flowed down the river, people here called the Field of furnaces. Along the edge… Read more

Long Thuy Beach

Long Thuy beach is known to be a beautiful beach known for the harmonious combination of the unique natural landscape, the coconut-lined long glide on smooth sandy beaches of the… Read more

Núi Thơm (Thơm Mountain ecotourism)

On full moon nights, we will walk the path crunch the trees, visitors can catch the hare. On this spring in Tuy Hoa, visitors would be surprised to walk on… Read more