“Củng Sơn” partially-dried beef

Cung Son township located on the vast plateau of Son Hoa, Phu Yen Province. It features a partially-dried beef dishes bring flavor of Mountain City. This is a delicious dish, strange and attractive, it is the original people here made ​​from life experience. According to some older, partially-dried beef dishes “Cung Son” with the precursor of dried venison processing of people within a few decades ago.Later, people use beef instead deer to food processing and food storage. This dish taste is more preferred, then gradually becoming specialty of Son Hoa mountain town today. partially-dried beef, also known fully as the “cow a second sun dew” – cow has just exposed a withering sun baking, so strangely delicious.

For a partially-dried beef dishes in style, processors must first select beef silk grass, natural grazing on the mountainside, the western edge of the river outside Phu Yen. Just choose two parts of a cow is ham and loin, careful processing and then cut into thin slices, marinated in salt, sugar, MSG, chili exposing insurance. If sun exposure is only a good sunny sun, if the sun or rain can weak coal drying oven. Either way processed meat also had the maturity of nearly 60%;average to obtain 1 kg of finished products, raw materials need to 1,7kg fresh beef. After drying, drying removes the water content of the meat, the rest will delight of dry, there is natural sweetness and flavor characteristics of the meat.

With this rate, partially-dried beef can be so long if well preserved.When eaten, grilled over charcoal fire are just cooked, dry and slightly tanned face is the best fire.partially-dried beef is dotted with all kinds, be it chili, salt and white pepper é leaves, but more unique if gold is dotted with salt and chilli – ethnic minorities called compacting inserting salt. These salts are included retired salt, pepper, egg and bright yellow ants with less spice secrets. Eat partially-dried salted beef chili is yellow dots, together cucumber, herbs to taste a refreshing feel.

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