Đá Dĩa rapids (Ghềnh Đã Đĩa)

Đá Dĩa rapids monument is recognized as a national landmark with a shape like a giant honeycomb jutting into the sea. Is a unique natural wonder. For the first time coming here no one is not surprised and wonder why the huge stone blocks stacked got together an orderly manner like that, as if an invisible hand had skillfully carved trim and arrange to make up.


Đá Dĩa rapids formed from volcanic lava eruptions 200 million years ago, when the erupting lava met the cold sea water froze immediately, and corresponding current flow occurs makes the stones cracking under the dimensions: vertical, oblique, horizontal crack rocks forming the octagonal, hexagonal, pentagonal … .month vertical or oblique sloping, half-submersible floating on the sea.

According to the flow of time, the cracks are sea eroded rocks smooth but still clinging to each other and enduring. Stone blocks long with special shapes stacked, distant look like a honeycomb construction giant seaside, when approached, I had the feeling that this is a huge saucers stacked . Perhaps that is why it has a strange name: Đá Dĩa rapids .

Spectacular views
Along the palm-lined paths in An Ninh Dong, Tuy An, you will come to Đá Dĩa rapids . The stacked rock jutting into the sea, winding it’s golden sands and clear blue sea, so far as the boats are bobbing on the waves. Standing amid the vast space of the vast ocean, steps foot on the stone steps miracle, received a cool breeze from the sea brings cause human soul refreshed and quiet incredible, just wanted to stop forever the place thick.

Step foot under the stone steps like stairs take us closer to the sea, an exciting spectacle awaits visitors. In the rugged cliffs in the crystal-clear sea water, the little creature peeking out having fun together. The stone crabs, small fish shoals, the uncle of worms, urchins, starfish … reflected in the waters between the crevice of the pillar, as a miniature ocean.

Amid the undulating stone is a small pond of water from rain and sea water remains created. Water features as smooth, quiet peaceful, can shed down to the bottom to see the quiet life of the creatures here.

Besides the jetty was Bai Bang Bang restaurant with shady stretches, sandy beach suitable for smooth fun camping, swimming and rest.

On the way to Đá Dĩa rapids , you can visit the Tomb of the church network. This is an old church brought dao.Nha architecture breathe very delicate decoration, inside there is a second storage tunnels within the first 3 books in Vietnamese and Phu Yen André hair. Must go this far see all the beauty and the uniqueness of it.

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