“Đèn” rapids

The summer has visited  Đèn rapids   (Dong An Ninh commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen) – Places are still fresh in people backpacking manuals – you will have more interesting things to explore.

From the city of Tuy Hoa, we dong car in the town of Chi Thanh (Tuy An) then turn into a road connecting Highway 1 with scenic Đá Đĩa rapids – National Security in Dong An Ninh commune. Đá Đĩa rapids choice about 700m, turn left in a small road that goes toward the lighthouse Ganh lamps.

Natural beauty of the lighthouse Path to  Đèn rapids   just enough to motorcycles. Situated along the coast, the area approximately 1km  Đèn rapids   including arranging rocks, stacked cups randomly create beautiful paintings. On the rocks many shapes and unique colors have two red lighthouse – a raised white silhouetted against the blue sky, signaling tasks for offshore boats know the way out the door Xuan Dai Bay.

According to a fisherman, is located just 15 minutes walk Đá Đĩa rapids but fewer tourists visit only know about Đá Đĩa rapids  Đèn rapids   due. But that’s why this place is still open and natural beauty of the stone untouched.

In 79 of the Vietnam lighthouse, lighthouse  Đèn rapids   architecture and history are not prominent but still carries a value, separate the tasks of Xuan Dai Bay waters. 22m high lighthouse above the sea. Every five seconds a round rotating lights, emit light for offshore boats can get in distance of 17 nautical miles. This can also be an area overlooking the vast blue sea and the islands to the east, the large and small Ganh heaving southern door Xuan Dai Bay.

The time line on the concrete was poured  Đèn rapids   should travel convenience. Motels around the lighthouse guards, trees were planted many years has spread the cool shade. People’s New Destination “phượt” This Ganh Days Ganh named Black Stone, but since the company Ensuring maritime safety 2 built lighthouse, fishermen used to call down a new name: Ganh lamps. From the shore overlooking, the high and low reefs swinging his hairless, alternating large and small. The waves washed into the cave white foam. Under the stone aggregate, between layers of algae flow into, the little fish swim gently. This is also an ideal shelter for travelers in both rainy and sunny days.

In areas  Đèn rapids   can see the fishing boats are parked between blue waters. Afternoon, the young fisherman rowing back baskets from shore to boat to start a night on the bay shrimp sentence. When we arrived, on the large rock, between the cool sea breeze, the group of young people, the family and gathered grilled squid, fish eating fun. Enjoy fresh specialties of the sea right on the rocks between the earth and sky blue delicious fruit with nothing.

In particular, where there are many large boulders, flat convenient for groups of young people to have fun, camping, fishing on the weekends. Located next to Da Dia Reef, in the long run this is a good opportunity for the backpacker visiting groups, base and save the photos to celebrate the sea.

Travel guide  Đèn rapids   – Phu Yen

Da Dia Reef Den reef from shore only about 1km. From Tuy Hoa (Phu Yen) visitors can travel by motorcycle along Highway 1 to the town of Chi Thanh (Tuy An) and then turn to the direction Da Dia Reef with about 40km route.

Or maybe go from Tuy Hoa city runs along the coastline, wrapped Loan lagoon in the direction of Da Dia Reef 30km length.

In addition to visiting Ganh Lights, visitors can visit the burden rock disc, heritage and national or barn, fencing of communal Security people in the East (Tuy Hoa) made of rock material overlap is very special, exciting.

Do not forget to skip church ancient Mausoleum network right turn at the fork near Da Dia Reef Chi Thanh.

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