Discovering Mằng Lăng’s ancient church – The oldest Value of Phu Yen

Mằng Lăng’s ancient church is located 35km north of Tuy Hoa City, is the oldest church in Vietnam. The church was built in 1892 by the Frenchman Joseph de La Cassagne in charge of the building. And he was also the first priest of the parish of Mằng Lăng.

If you visit Phu Yen, visit the ancient church of Mằng Lăng. It would be a shame if you did not visit the old church. At the church, the books in the first national language of our country are also kept here.

Mằng Lăng church is located in An Trach commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province. It was built in 1892 by the first parish priest of Mằng Lăng, Joseph de La Cassagne. The Mằng Lăng name is derived from the name of the plant species in this area centuries ago. No one knows this tree, its remnants only exist in the ancient Vietnamese call.

The architecture of the church Mằng Lăng
When you arrive at Mằng Lăng church, you will admire a Gothic-inspired French-style architecture. This is the architecture that began about 1000 BC. The 18th-19th century was the heyday of Gothic architecture. The church of Mằng Lăng was born in the 19th century, so it was applied to Gothic architecture

The top of the church is two bell towers on either side, in the middle is the cross. The church is covered with facades by dome-shaped entrances like bamboo shoots. The main Gothic architecture of the main church is the use of wooden ceilings for ceilings.

The Gothic markings are strongly displayed at the opening through two halls at the center of the cathedral. Next to the window-shaped budding, the church’s walls are covered with colors and motifs of Gothic architecture.

The main door is made of wood and the exquisite base is a very rustic Vietnamese substance. Although designed by the French with European architecture, the old church Mằng Lăng still shows the character of Vietnam. The entire church is an ancient painting with faded blue-gray paint. The main hall of the church is a cathedral in the heart of an artificial hill on the left as it goes from the main entrance. And this is also a strong attraction to visitors.

Special features of the architecture of the Mằng Lăng church will be highlighted, most prominently when you discover yourself. To Phu Yen, visit the ancient church of Mằng Lăng to see the ancient features in Gothic architecture left over.

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