Enjoy the Grilled Ditch fish on the rainy day

After the first rain of the season, people practice the two mesh side of the River Bank rating Paint, Chi Thanh town (Tuy An district) was the fish season, which is the largest fish species in the ditch fish.
Ditch fish is shaped as a white fish, only in streams and rivers, long, slender stems 10 to 15 cm long, silvery, scaly to by pointing fingers. Don’t know since when it has the name Hemiculter Fish but in fact it only lives in the River, which in Phu Yen, perhaps this Paint Bank River segment is the most.

Ditch fish live and move into each of the forums, people here catching futuristic rai. From time immemorial, it has become a specialty of the region. Can affirm that, if anyone came to the land, however, asked the delicious native villagers here don’t hesitate to answer that, there are two main dishes “celebrated” is scallop in blood cells and Hemiculter Fish rivers NGAN son.
Yes, along the banks of the NGAN son, any time would also ditch the dish. The fish was the owner bought from the guest riders and then processed into grid delicious treat the customers off. In the list of names for this fish cuisine, “the Summit” for still the baking dish. Fresh fish are grilled on charcoal fire, nine children would we enjoy, eat right at the rai hot hybrid exotic aromatic crispy, sweet said. Especially his book with fresh raw vegetables sauce dots, this type can be well fed the belly which is still appetite.
These days, the Sun poured rain continuously, cool river water rise, Hemiculter Fish should run more fishermen also joy. Each night, each person can drop the grids are few. The beginning of the rainy season many fish, tasty cafes rows should the two sides Paint Bank line also crowded on more often.In the Café, look through look back, from the patrons to a stranger, seeing the table would also use the entire fish troughs.
Many people say, delicious fish and Fish is Hemiculter only here, eat forever without knowing tired.Where to go, then go right to the land But An that has not been eating it then you’re not allowed for leaving!

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