Festival of Le Diem village (Ede’s Ethnic People in Phu Yen)

Buon Le Diem is a community of Ede people in Phu Yen, this is the first village to be recognized as trafficking in Song Hinh district culture. Wholesale long Le Diem became the tourist destination of Phu Yen meaning to the journey to explore the local culture of the visitors. It is still completely original customs and traditions, cultural characteristics of Ede.

In Phu Yen travel itinerary, They have the opportunity to look at business travelers, Le Yan always are welcome in the heart Ede hospitality here. Girls, guys who know how Ede Enchanting by pilgrims dance, lyrics, with the cup of wine at night special gongs and rustic sincere feelings.

By trafficking Le Diem the night of the fire, open air wine to also dance to the beat of gongs Ede. The Ede loving girl with traditional costumes graciously offered wine, when a bottle of ivory tusks soaked jungle, all together holding hands dancing in the light flicker.

In addition to performances of gongs, merchants Le Matches of Ede, there are more entertainment longstanding own traditions, sung by the soaring vocals of artisans in the village.

Visiting to Le Diem village is not only to enjoy the smooth dances, gong gong echoes, but also to enjoy special traditional dishes here. In the long house of the Ede many generations, many dishes are given mountain location, which is the spring fish, bush meat, wild vegetables are doing very tasty but also very spicy, because according to the taste of the E dyke, the peppers are one of the leading spice.Eating in broth but could not resist the rustic flavor of the dish. Some typical dishes such as rice with dry rice, bamboo shoots cooked spring fish, beef cooked plum trees, farming pay, … who eat once also remember the taste of it. On the wholesale Le Diem travelers do not forget to learn brocade of Ede, the woman hands Thoan, meticulously creating durable products. Or learn how wine brewed with yeast leaves, bark of trees … It is the cachet that comes this land can not miss.

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