For the first love in Phu Yen

After days of looking forward, finally, I was watching the movie “I see gold flower on green grass” by director Victor Vu, It adapted from the novels of the same name by the writer Nguyen Nhat Anh. Good movie immensely. Scenery and people of Phu Yen is up in the beautiful film. After watching the film, I resolved to spend the money to go to Phu Yen at least once in their lifetime. Not only the charm of the city embrace the two mountains, Phu Yen also passionate hearts in clear water lagoon, vast beaches, fascinating rock disc Tuy Hoa City … Get centered, you Journeys can arrange excursions to beautiful sites in the central strip dear.
1. Field of Spray
Here, visitors not only enjoy the water garden can be lyrical, but also incorporates the study of cultural relics such as Huong Tich pagoda – one of the ancient temple in Phu Yen. In addition, the friendly young love landscape also has many attractive tourist activities such as: Learn ecological forest, hiking, bathing springs, camping …
Way: From street Phu Lam, Tuy Hoa City, traveling west under 645 DT road, then turn south Hoa My Tay Tay Hoa district, then went straight to the Black Rock Mountains, then back up Wheeler river watershed will see a waterfall of 15 meters high the stream flowing down between the two sides cliffs are spectacular. That landscape Field Spray.
2. Vung Ro
Vung Ro is surrounded by Deo, and Hon Ba Da Bia Mountain, served as an important port of Ho Chi Minh Trail on the sea. Vung Ro has 12 small beaches, each beach a specific characteristics but are charming with bow green sea, the sandy slopes suitable for visitors, beach or enjoy seafood. Guests can also rent boats of fishermen to the sea to discover the vastness of the ocean or conquering Da Bia mountain peak always nearby sink in white mist.
Way: From the city of Tuy Hoa, you travel along Highway 1A about 30 km, then to Deo interval, after 12 kilometers of downhill you turn left along the port of Vung Ro (total distance about 45 km). Or you take the coastal road Phuoc Tan – Ivory Beach. If more time to stop sightseeing, tourists should rent motorcycles very handy.
3. Hon Nua
It is up to remember the past fishermen fishing knives: “Further clicking sea cliffs stand alongside small bucket of several individual waves.”
105m high, moreover is shaped like pillars dividing the southern door to the Vung Ro Bay, should the record Dai Nam Nhat Thong Chi is the Head itself. Go further, you will be amazed at the small beach about 500m long runs in an arc, with fine white sands along the fresh and sea water. What’s more, if you bring diving suit, you will admire the beauty of the rapture undersea coral reefs inshore.
Way: Out Moreover, most advantageous to start from Vung Ro Port Bridge. With nearly 30-minute motor boat, you will be setting foot on the island.
4. Dai Lanh Lighthouse – Where to welcome the first sunrise of the country
Dai Lanh (or Mui Dien) captivates the crowd with pure Mon Beach, the stretch of undulating sand. The most interesting is along the trail, up the lighthouse, admire the vast sea of ​​green, slowly drifting trains, the weird rock shapes, or become one of those who welcome the new day at the earliest “easternmost lighthouse” of the country. This is one of 8 lighthouse dating back over 100 years of total 79 active lighthouses in the country.
Way: Lighthouse Dai Lanh city about 24km Tuy Hoa along National Highway 1A to halfway Ca Pass, met downlink Vung Ro, follow the asphalt to the east around 5 km to Mon Beach – Dien Cape. Entrance fees range Dai Lanh cape is VND 10,000 / person.
5. Hon Chua Island
Hon Chua, located off the coast of Long Thuy, Phu commune, Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen, off the coast of 6-7 kilometers. From the mainland overlooking the Stone Temple pure blue as a rug on the sea. In the sea around the island Temple rapids coral reefs are more colorful, suitable for crab, lobster refuge.
Way: From the Da Rang (Ward 6, Dist. Tuy Hoa), visitors can take a cruise to the island of Hon Chua. 2nd way as you travel north along Highway 1A, the center of the city of Tuy Hoa-Phu Yen is about 10 km to the beach Long Thuy, from here on out dao.6 boat. Van Hoa plateau
Van Hoa plateau of Phu Yen is Da Lat
This is seen as landmarks of Phu Yen Da Lat is situated at an altitude of 400m, including Long Son and Son Dinh Xuan Son. It is famous for its aromatic specialties, jackfruit and 2 sauce made from this fruit. These produce bearing deep Phu Yen is sold everywhere in Van Hoa plateau, especially in Don market.
Way: From the city of Tuy Hoa, according to National Highway 1A northbound 14 km to Hoa Da village, turn left along the upstream DT 643 west about 25 kilometers to the plateau Van Hoa.
7. Tiger Cave
Tiger Cave hundreds of big and small rocks on top of each other, the police Grower sea. Many tourists come here surprised by the charms of the sea blue short break, the smooth rounded stones lying closely together to take foot waves bucket. If you like, visitors can also try your angler with the fish live in the sea or go picking snails reefs her breast.
Way: From the city of Tuy Hoa on National Highway 1A, go north about 20 kilometers to the village of Phuoc Dong (An Hai commune, Tuy An district) area of ​​beautiful reefs called Tiger Cave.
8. Loan Lagoon
Loan lagoon is a place not to be missed for tourists to Phu Yen. If you want to enjoy panoramic dress Quan Cau Pass go up, you can embrace the panorama Dam, the lake each wave ripples in the wind, the low rolling hills with green sugar cane fields. In addition to admire the beauty of the lake captivates people, coming here tourists can enjoy the rich seafood, especially oysters O Loan dish famous.
Way: From the city of Tuy Hoa on National Highway 1A, go north about 25 km you will reach the Loan Lagoon, located in the commune of Tuy An.
9. rock disc
Rock disc has an area of ​​about 2 square kilometers, the narrowest place about 50 meters, where the longest 200m. From a distance, looks like rapids disk husband in kilns or porch jutting out into the sea. After the delight roam the rapids, stretches nearly 3km beach that promise guests a relaxing moments.
Way: From the city of Tuy Hoa along National Highway 1A, about 30km north, to the town of Chi Thanh turn right to the east about 12km’s to rock disc. Can follow the coastal route, from Tuy Hoa City to Da Dia Reef about 35km long. In the spring or summer, you can go by boat (take between 1- 2 hours), starting from the harbor Ward 6, Tuy Hoa City to the north to Da Dia Reef. Or from harbor Phuoc Dan, Song Cau Town, on Xuan Dai Bay boat tour, go to the door in the South Bay will to Da Dia Reef.
10. Xuan Dai Bay
From atop steep gloves, visitors will admire the painted glass paintings with vast palm forest, majestic mountains envelops a small blue waters of the territory Xuan Dai Bay Xuan Tho commune, Xuan Thinh and Song Cau town of Phu Yen province. In the bay there are many beautiful beaches and sea pools as Vung La, Vung Ware, Vung visit, with many islands, peninsula. The beaches here are owned by the clear waters and not deep, visitors can swim away without fear of danger.
Way: From your TP.Tuy Hoa along National Highway 1A, about 45km north. Then you go into the bay vessel.

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