Hoa Đà rice paper cake

Hoa Da Rice paper is one of the leading specialty of Phu Yen have many places inside and outside the province, spreading until Saigon, Hanoi and follow overseas Vietnamese to many countries around the world. The cake of scented rice and sunny temperament country, can eat a few hundred dishes, with a few dozen individual dishes without rice paper … not correct the matter as allowed.
In Phu Yen, almost any village bakery also coated, by the book culture has become an integral feature in specialized food, especially when there partying, death transports, plaited to … almost any dish also rice paper, not to scroll using rice paper, the dishes must be accompanied by grilled girdle cake, not eat to no, the film also is opening a banquet dishes, (while waiting for the food). Sometimes the cake is like “Ướt” cake dish.

Hoa Da village (An My Commune, Tuy An) formed quite long. It has about 30% of households make their living from rice flour cake. Delicious rice paper medium thickness, are suffering, good sunshine, eating grilled pineapple, embedded non-stick water.
Rice Paper Hoa Da served with pork, congee heart, banh hoi became attractive delicacies Footbinding many visitors. There are many delicious dishes, but dishes of pork roll with accompanying book picking vegetables from the vegetable Hoa Da, eh fish sauce delicious marinated constant waves from the eastern sea fishing with fisherman’s hand with saucers Yen village green peppers considered “some Zach.”
Hoa Da village is located on An My commune in Tuy An district, near the national Highway 1A from Tuy Hoa city 15km north. The village has 200 households on the coated bread all year round, every festival season, it increased to more than 300 people here ho.Theo one that has over 40 years of occupation in Hoa Da girdle cake, trim the cake here is favored restaurant smooth things started by pie, scented plastics, no acidity and viscosity when dipped bread to feed on. Besides the viscosity of cake Hoa Da also decided mainly at the stage of selecting rice and soak rice, not containing added tapioca cake as in some other regions. With its own baked cakes, cake powder was mixed with coconut milk and onions should be cake when baked onto a special scented.
Locals usually carry away the roll stack has done hometown gift giving relatives, friends and to dedicate yourself to eat slowly to help remember countryside. Many travelers have tried also become addicted, have friends who visited his homeland overripe origin sent through buying back some stack.

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