Hoanh Lam – The Old coastal village

Traditional crafts
Due to the demands of life and production should serve Heng Lam ancient inhabitants was soon formed and developed a number of traditional crafts such as weaving, coconut rope braided, woven hammocks, nets; cooked pressed coconut oil, peanut oil, close craft boats. Some occupations remain far such as nets, play boats, sea concentrated in the village of Dong Tac, Phu Dong Ward.
Trade and services marine village
Fishing activities not only to solve the daily dietary needs, but also trade, exchange of other commodities. The group “beard” formation. As explained by the maritime workers in Dong Tac, the “beard” that persons purchasing fish from the dock brought to market. Depending investment capital purchase fish that fishermen divide large vegetables, small vegetables. Rau also divided into two categories: vegetables, and vegetable water.
Large vegetable called “foreign vegetables”, usually “vegetable water”, this vegetable purchasing fish in a large area from Vung Ro to Dai Lanh Binh Dinh have to overcome and they bring the fish to sell in Gia Lai, Kon Tum, Dak Lak.
Small vegetable also known as “floating vegetable”, usually vegetables coast, so little capital and no means to purchase more should only work at some landing sites in the neighborhood, when they are brought to the market to buy sold for profit.
Material culture
Material culture of the inhabitants of the Vietnamese (Kinh) Heng Lam ancient village in ancient times as well as the subsequent progeny are very rich and diverse. Accordingly to eat, drink, clothing and housing is set similar to the Vietnamese residents in other villages. In the province has a number of cultural projects related to religious activities, beliefs and spirituality. Religious Qinglin Temple, Dong Quang Pagoda, Phu Lam church (located in Chau Hoa parish) and a Cham tower ruins, dating back to the XII century. The work related to religious activities, family spiritual Phu Lam Dong Tac family, Lang Ong Ba Wang Princess Than Women shrines, temples Ms. Hau Turks, their gentle shrine Dinh Tien, Da Dong Hai South Temple, warmer shrine soul …
Cultural and spiritual
Vietnamese people steeped in traditional culture so that wherever you go, where they still preserve the traditional cultural values ​​which for generations have passed down father. For the Vietnamese in Heng Lam ancient village, though their starting point is the bar – Art – Thuan – Quang it to new lands when they also carry the traditional cultural values ​​of his village as a baggage indispensable for life in the new land. Survey on the spiritual life of the Vietnamese people currently living on the land formerly Heng Lam ancient village still find cultural activities, rites and beliefs over the life of people, the customs, Comfort form of ancestor worship, religious rites related occupations, festivals, etc .. also be preserved, reserved; and the value is added to suit the living conditions and the acculturation of native residents in the process of contact, exchange and access to residential or mixed residential living.
Through many generations of Vietnamese people living on the land belonging to the boundaries of old Lam ancient village Hengfeng has created the cultural heritage rich folk, diverse genres: the legend, lore, myths, jokes, fables, folk songs, proverbs, Dating rhymes, riddles, folk knowledge concerning the experience of living and productive labor. In some genres including folk literature bearing distinctions of ancient Vietnamese coastal villages as follows:
* Dance of batrao
She gave the kind of Dating identifiable characteristic of coastal villages, are used in customary whale worship. Every year, on the occasion of sacrifices for fishermen and fishery rural villagers Heng Lam Dong Tac Marine (now Phu Dong Ward) held Dating she handed to praise the virtues of fish He was supporting and helping fishermen in fishing activities fishing in the sea.
She gave a long song thousands of sentences, which are laid out according to a strict sequence, in which: Prologue is a peephole. Next steps include: Out to sea, Fishing, Recreation, Signs of the storm, Anti storms, Peace, Thank god.
She gave Dating often use the following tunes: Speaking way, chorus, rich, living theater, male singing, recitation.
In addition, the chorus and the bucket can be used also quite popular. While driving Dating total, total nose, total commercial catch song, you sing along Trao, sometimes parodying the song of the total, making theatrical Dating always bustling and vibrant.
She gave the team singing in the village of Dong Tac Marine whose number between 12 and 16 people and three people in charge of 3 total. Because Dong Tac Marine Village every year are celebrated theater lineup for fishermen so she gave quite stable, costumes, props full. Before the ceremony held for fishermen, she handed the team practiced at least 1 week, because this is a ritual serves Dating should be prepared carefully, as demonstrated not to be negligence if not divine punishment rebuked .

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