Hòn Nưa (Rocky Nưa)

Weekends, if you want to be blown a new wind into your life, you would visit to the vestige, landscapes south of the provinces of Da Bia Mountain, Bai Mon – Mui Dien, Vung Ro – “Zero” Boat, Cả pass and another specially place: Hòn Nưa (Rocky Nưa)!

Seen from Ca Pass, moreover with sharp rocks or prohibit vertical cliff-top looks majestic grandeur but also very lonely on the blue sea, like a boat that is slowly leaving the mother land overlooking the ocean immensity.
Further south lies the Vung Ro Bay, with heights over sea level 105m. One side is relatively lush vegetation, the rest are steep cliffs as the virile arm shielding breakwater for the other side. Thus, the existence of folk fishing knives: “Furthermore undulating sea / cliffs standing waves every few buckets.” Dai Nam Nhat Thong Chi In more records office itself – the natural landmark administrative boundaries ago between Vietnam and Champa University.
Departure by boat from Vung Ro port of fishermen with about an hour, you can set foot on the island. Near the island, in front of guests is a beautiful picture. The vast sky suddenly language project by a steep cliff, cliff, many small stone clusters with different shapes. Looming in the distance the row of trees to distinguish land and sea. Young green atop the lighthouse was painted red pillars stand alone but haughty brave, bright spot for boats guided fishermen. Close to the island, you will be amazed at the small beach about 500m long runs in an arc with fine white sand and blue sea of ​​emerald.
Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the cool water, reef diving watch spellbinding beauty, haughty. With enthusiasts conquer “the marine” is a paradise here. Fishing along the reefs, walking on Ganh catch the urchins (pinch), pried her breast … that this much is enough for you to open a small seafood feast. Go Further, you do not have to be afraid to become Robinson on the island, because you will be “squad” guard lights (under the Maritime Operations Center) guided lighthouse tours Hon Nua and panoramic view all ultramarine sea around the island coincided. Add a guitar, you have a colorful picnic. Those who prefer to experience just held a bonfire night and dawn on the island, you will feel great touch with unspoiled nature here.

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