“Hòn Yến” (Rocky Yen)

When we go down south or up north contrary, there is a place at the position passing Quan Cau Pass (Tuy An – Phu Yen), look toward the South China Sea, we will see a rocky mountain horn transfixed soaring beyond the vast ocean, where it is called “Hòn Yến” (Rocky Yen) located in Nhon Hoi hamlet, An Hoa commune.

Hon Yen by many to be the landscape of Phu Yen by its beauty and wonder. Hon Yen, we can turn from Phu Diem junction at Highway 1 about 5km east of the road through the village concrete Nhon Hoi sea is arriving. If not, we can also sit motorboats run from Tuy Hoa city back to the north about 3 miles.
Hon Yen, self-love scene sea sky. It was a pretty vast airspace, was very primitive, to the sea eagle trees, casuarinas trees, cactus grows naturally on sand chen grew up in the wind and sun.
Legend has it that this place used to be an island in the sea, and over the years gradually encroaching sands of the shore to the Hon Yen today still only a few dozen meters near the coast. Hon Yen’s standing as a cone-shaped giant, facing the four winds by the steep craggy rocks.

Rocky foothills are waves deep into the mountain foot trail forming time, the above is the meanders, natural hand by casting millions of years ago.
In ancient times, birds nest from everywhere converge on reproductive nest here a lot, but the man does not keep them properly should gradually go elsewhere. Nevertheless, the natives to remember a beautiful name, meaning this should call the Hon Yen mountain until now.

Located by the sea village bend with white sand beaches, Hon Yen today as sightseeing destination of many. Coming here, tourists crowded the scene firsthand boats at dock in the morning with fresh sea fish; He saw Nanhai ancient tomb – the spiritual care of the fishermen definition; enjoy the charming natural landscape sky blue water; Stone was watching the moss fibers; the ancient tropical almond tree and a connection heaving rocks from the sand along the foot of the wave until the green casuarina row.
If you come here on the occasion of the beginning of the month or mid afternoon tide water, revealing a golden rocks and sand to the foot connector Hon Yen, visitors can walk to the sea, climb the cliffs , the reporter looked at the surrounding landscape with the roofs of the fishermen under the coconut trees rop.
More specifically, to the Hon Yen, visitors can freely use the fresh seafood of the local fishermen catch as anchovies, fresh squid, snails her breast, crab … for fairly soft or can self sentences detect fish, discus in cliffs, besides the lobster raft; and sat under the ancient eagle original barbecue fire, enjoy porridge. If you prefer, you can swim carefree.
Or, more travelers according fishermen’s boat will run for 30 minutes to Lao Roofs include or run straight out of the sight Hon Chua lobster raft, fish farming, snail farming fishermen .. .

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