Iguana Spring rolls (sausage)

Iguana is shaped like lizards, but the magnitude of it on par with the big toe, living more in the land of sand along the coast of Phu Yen and the central province such as Khanh Hoa, Binh Dinh, Quang Ngai … According to people who have experienced long iguana, catching the end of the spring and early summer the iguana breeding season to fat, fleshy should. People often use the hoe, shovels to dig or using traps to catch the rain.

Thunderstorms Skinless, quit, cut off the tail and four legs. When done the meat is kept clean because hygiene iguana done not be washed by water to Lü BU from the fishy. Often people use banana leaves lining when do iguana to keep sanitary.
Next up, a knife minced or mashed meat grinders for iguana together with spices such as chili pepper, onion, garlic, vegetable oil. Mix well with a little iguana meat mushroom cat and rice vermicelli. Using thin rice paper return meat prepared on the bench all by the thumb and offering fried nine gold.

Also thunderstorm rolls, meat dishes grilled chilli salt iguana is also preferred.


Grilled iguana was moved off the plate, served with assorted vegetables, sliced cucumber and garlic chili sauce cups small mixed with sweet and sour little roasted peanuts. Grab a piece of rice paper, via the embedded water for soft, to the vegetables, cucumbers, followed by light rain, rolls back, the dots into the cup of water chắm and enjoy. Occasionally bite more chilli garlic cloves, left LY son Island feeling deliciously tempting new increased concentration.
Eat ball feel brittle iguana rụm, sweet meat, warm flavor of rustic country surroundings. The dish also has toughness and aromatic sweet delicious meat.

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