[ Land of seafood ] Grilled Animalia Fish

Today, many people long for confusion between Animalia and Crucian carp. In fact this is two fish called and the body quite similar but totally different. In terms of economic value and the quality of the cuisine, the Animalia are viewed as “forums” compared with Crucian carp. That is not because the Crucian carp has no value and the meat of it is not tasty. In fact, the number of the Crucian carp to many, it’s easy to get started. because the more popular Animalia specification.

Crucian carp, like species Animalia usually weighs about 400-500 gr, few to adult hands. This is the type of fuselage cleared the catfish, Brown grey skin, fins, live more in the region of fresh saltwater interference. According to the reviews of many gourmets, Animalia of life in the sea from Tuy Hoa to Nha Trang for delicious meat.

In memory and how habits of life of the inhabitants of the sea, Animalia “nailed” two cooked sour soup and grilled. When “adventure drift” on restaurant city, people seemed to pay little attention to the sour soup that only the edge baked dishes. On the culinary map, the edge is considered a grilled specialities and grilled chilli salt, although by “dusty” where the pristine sea projects Callling deprivation or bake in fully equipped restaurant full of delicious spices.

Choose your fresh fish, cleaning, remove the bearing, so, if whole fish to do double also were cut too (Note If in the process of making fish, Miss fish fins crashed on hand will be thoroughly studied bone pains). There are many ways to Grill fish marinated with salt and pepper as wrapped in banana leaves green grilled on charcoal fire. This barbecue fish skin not scorch that nine fish steadily and the amount of water in the fish themselves do not suffer fire “cheat” less part, should retain the delicious.How else can also bake fish with oblique.
However, the most common is baking Animalia by blisters. The grill is for those fish guy wants the knife along the stem and then salted granular pounding with green peppers. On fire embers, the grill becomes all the stars for nine gold fish without getting burned. Baked white fish meat, gradually moved the nursery yellow, in appearance at least of water and fat guy had the ball real nhẫy. Grilled chili salt seepage Animalia for a fragrance sweet delicious fat especially delicious.
In addition, the taste of my own delicious grilled meat where Animalia toned, soft, sweet, salty sea taste more little spicy chilli salt aroma stunts will give us unforgettable sensations. This dish that use hot, sitting with friends brothers rai hybrid on the shore, no nothing …

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