Long Thuy Beach

Long Thuy beach is known to be a beautiful beach known for the harmonious combination of the unique natural landscape, the coconut-lined long glide on smooth sandy beaches of the coast.

Long Thuy beach and Hon Chua are far from downtown Tuy Hoa 10km by the motorway, You’d go towards the north. Located adjacent to National Highway 1A, located in Phu An Commune, Tuy Hoa City. Long, Long Marine park famous beach is a beautiful beach, with the harmony that’s unique natural landscape, besides the shady coconut trees on the sandy beach surf length of shoreline smooth.

Not far from the shores with pristine island groups such as Hon Chua island has an area of ​​about 0.22 km2 and 2 small islands and Hon Than Hon Dua. The area around the islands have coral reefs covering about 100 hectares. Long Thuy – Hon Pagoda investment is suitable for eco-tourism and convalescence. Can organize the following services: scuba diving, fishing, surfing and beach sports games …

In mid June the annual Lunar, where the festival takes place for fishermen. On this occasion there are rites to pray for peace, blessing thousands of villages.

Long Thuy most people come here time jobs in fishing, visitors can swim or boat and enjoy a variety of fresh seafood, the specialty is not the place also.

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