Mũi Điện (Pole of Đai Lanh)

From the city of Tuy Hoa travel about 35km south east is to Mũi Điện or known as “Pole of Dai Lanh”. It’s located in Phuoc Tan Village, Hoa Tam commune, Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen province.

According to the National Highway winding road between the mountains, across the sea, remote lighthouse saw Mũi Điện (aka lighthouse Dai Lanh) standing at the top of the land jutting into the sea, floating lofty turn on the blue sky. From the foot of the mountain where the lighthouse, a road with white fence, entrance to the steep steps up to include the sunrise point, the trail runs directly into the sea with golden sand beach Mon gorgeous.

Journey takes more than 1km of climbing to get to the fork: one side going up the lighthouse, a way out of Cape Electric, on the plaque is inscribed only Cape Rang Dong, headland to watch the sun rises from the sea. In Mũi Điện still put tablets of “Lighthouse Mũi Điện – the easternmost point, where the first catch sunrise on land in Vietnam.” Although at present, there have been many opinions on the first point of the dawn of Vietnam belong to a place of Khanh Hoa, but Mũi Điện still regarded as one of the first to welcome the dawn of the leading inland our country’s territory.

Want to enjoy the feeling of watching the sun rise from the beach, usually at 5 am, it must come from the city of Tuy Hoa quite soon, by around Mũi Điện no hotels, motels nearby. Many young people today have chosen to come here from the evening before, applying the staff working here were set up tents, sleeping through the night to “wait for the sun”. In the dark, hearing the waves whispering, looked up at the other side is the light emanating from the lighthouse tower Mũi Điện is an interesting experience. Many groups of young people coming here have chosen for themselves the red costume shirt, printed with gold stars, take snapshots radiant dawn, or put his hand on his chest proudly homeland islands with sea views, see all the sacred, as many times put his hand on his chest where the national flags greeted the northernmost Lung Cu, or touching soil milestone Ca Mau.

Lighthouse was built by the French since 1890.Thap lighthouse is a tapered cylindrical blocks were higher than background 26.5m high building and 110m over the water from the lighthouse lamp bien.Anh can 27 customs remote signaling ly.Sau a long time interrupt operations, around 1997, the new lighthouse back to normal operation. Until now, the area around the tower continues to build a housing project for the staff of the station. Entrance to the tower up to the wooden staircase with 110 steps. From the outside railing of the lighthouse panoramic four sides, front sea blue, the clouds flying lãng from the horizon. One side is sea waves slapping Mon Beach, across the steep cliffs to the sea food, white undertow foothills. Behind the lighthouse is the rolling mountains.

At the foot of the lighthouse can look at the entrance to the Cape Electric, with large boulders along the walkway. Boats become tiny mobile points on the blue sea. Standing on high, sniffing the sea breeze in the open space, the new day downpour see yourself enjoying a wonderful feeling!

Lighthouse soldiers hospitality and become “User notes” very caring. Many people from the North, Central, working here to bring both homesickness in each story. The story of the island, the history of the once clear of the lighthouse, the boats anchored storm, away from home for Tet story … have become the gift for the guests from afar.

At the foot of the sea Beach Dai Lanh Cape Gate, with golden sands stretching, emerald water, blue see through day.Theo Nguyen Thi Xuan Lan (Director of Tourism Golden Life, Binh Dinh), in the Bai Mon male has a freshwater springs right on ocean beaches.

From Cape Electrical, can continue the journey to explore the land of brown, with landmarks such as the ruins of Vung Ro with the story of the ship should not have made the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail on the sea in the war against America, or upwards Ca Pass. Along the way, travelers easily see roadside vast rice fields, green as well as the cows are grazing …

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