My romantic days at Mũi Điện

Maybe the location of Mũi Điện (Pole of Phu Yen) (Great Tip Head) was too familiar to the children of Nẫu and travel lovers all over the country.
A distance of approximately 35 km from the Centre of Tuy Hoa city also could not called away, but with some people, they may be afraid when summer sun “the searing Sun head” like this. And it really is a different feeling when stepped up to the car and put the foot down here. Far from leaving the sunny city’s Dour, your party will be the sea winds cool, glamorous, blue water experience when put foot on the lighthouse merits to cover the eye or who had conquered the easternmost point on the Mainland Vietnam and friendly from the House that we sent a car to the soldiers who keep the lighthouse always fun , enthusiastic.

To get to Mũi Điện (Pole of Phu Yen) (Great Tip Head) from Tuy Hoa city, we have two roads to take.The first is the ramp according to the National Highway 1A, up the pass, then left the Vung Ro port, passing through residential areas, and then follow the highway going to the Mũi Điện (Pole of Phu Yen) (Great Tip Head) or if you travel from the province from the South come out then on the pass at all, just go by the harbor , the distance from the pass to Mũi Điện (Pole of Phu Yen) (Great Tip Head) about 10 km is the second Route. the coastal road, Phước Tân-Ivory Beach. In this way, the car seat could go back down 29. Currently the province is building a large online for larger passenger car, because this is one of the province’s key travel. This is his online advice you should go, because the distance is equivalent to the first line but the feeling goes more secure (no more big car as when going to the highway), this road is especially pretty much beautiful scenery, just go the way you just sightseeing. When the build this road, on the design has created the application and stop with that is pretty magnificent natural setting, you can stop by the side of saved pictures of beautiful nature.

This line offers pretty good quality, help you to arrive with a sense of comfort rather than slacking because ballast, suspension. And when seeing the lighthouse far away, to stand as the wind challenged the sea all year round, you are closer to the destination. From the main road, there is a path to go down, you take it to where you send the car. Here is also where you can ask Uncle Trần Minh Thai, people called notes, is the only home in the Mũi Điện area (Pole of Phú Yên), making the rice to after visiting the lighthouse or play with your water, you can have a delicious, feast with very affordable prices. The small house of Uncle let cozy with the always friendly, enthusiastic. If you are the first person to set foot in Mũi Điện, Ten will guide you in great detail so you can enjoy the exciting feeling with the landscape. Or you want to have these special dishes like sea crabs, grilled squid, fluorescent … or go with a large group of people, please contact in advance with you with the phone number 0983187381, you will be surprised and enchanted by specialty. Or to the right that is a picnic, go towards the beach, picking the places near the big rocks to set up camp. The stones of this will help you a lot when the sun up high. It is important that you bring plenty of water, it will help you and your group so much!

Currently, the way up Mũi Điện Lighthouse (Pole of Phu Yen) (University-led Nose) have been completed should up the lighthouse becomes easier. The charge on the interest now is 10,000 people.

You can start to learn about the lighthouse when thanks to the soldiers in this introduction, or free up the lighthouse and discover the beautiful scenery seen from on high.

To Mũi Điện (Pole of Phu Yen) that are not yet into the cool, blue water Beach Mon fruit is a flawed thing. Sandy stretches, quite shallow sea water, the banks will back. Indeed is an ideal beach! You’re concerned about bathing then will slightly annoyed by saltwater, nature has endowed for this place has a stream to flow straight out to sea. And you can shower again fresh water on this stream.

From a standing position from the lighthouse, you can already see the score marks the easternmost point on the Mainland Vietnam

The path from the lighthouse comes down the marker bit hard going because of the large, hard rock.This is because many trails go ahead make up, but perhaps so also created the visit feeling like I’m going to conquer, because they must also bow down low people, climb up and then go down.
And when to arrive, go to the hut resort, enjoy the cool breezes are blowing through. Perhaps many people look back at the way has come and whisper admiration for through hard there. Just watch the majestic nature, relaxing talk with friends, click a little water to the thirsty, you will revive rapidly and are willing to let people know that: “I have come to the easternmost point on the Mainland of free water!”.

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