Ngoc Lang Temple

Ngoc Lang Temple is located on a campus of about 3,000m2, surrounded by lush fields and gardens, crowded homes. Families facing south, in front of Da Rang River, Da Bia mountain far as radiation shielding fronts.

According to the flow of time, Ngoc Lang family has repeatedly moved and rebuilt.Initially, the home is located in the area at the Tree Caucasian, mid-eighteenth century, displaced families in an elevated area between the village, the area is still far called Dinh Park, to the late nineteenth century, Home fires are burning up the villagers move east village home, ie the current location. After moving to address new dictionary, family rebuilt fortified with solid wooden frame, roof tiles, wall construction plus compound with rocks and coral. Until the early years of the twentieth century this house is still the largest-scale projects in Ngoc Lang. In late 1946 and early 1947, the house was dismantled to serve the scorched earth resistance. By the year 1971, Ngoc Lang villagers donated money to rebuild on the ruins of the old house, the beginning of 2012, some people in Ngoc Lang continued to contribute funds for the restoration of the house, while building more triple gate and two synagogues on the sides left, right creates a relic relatively complete.

Ngoc Lang temple is built in traditional architecture, consists of three spaces, house roof tile, roof home Luong Long Trieu Nguyet, simply decorated facade with three languages ​​fluently, “Dinh Ngoc Lang”, while on the inside the main door started three big Chinese characters “Dinh Ngoc Lang”. Two side walls is the remnant of the old architecture from the late nineteenth century, 0.4 m thick walls, built of compounds. Both ends of the corridor on the left wall are two reliefs of gods porters with majestic appearance. Check worship in church all your family who has the lead in reclaiming the land and create a village, including Le Van Xuyen, Le Thi Error and Le Luu. In which Le Van Xuyen is Money beat, as well as the village’s tutelary. He is considered the god of this monument. Dinh Ngoc Lang also worshiped Bach, an important belief of the Vietnamese.

The book of Dai Nam Nhat Thong Chi (Vietnam historical) said the Bach Ma temple  from the Northern appearance, which lives in the mountain spirit Long Do in Dai La.Until Ly Cong Uan moved the capital from Hoa Lu to come here and renamed Thang Long, White Horse has helped the king build up, thus, White Horse is considered the god of Thang Long and was the darkroom mental superiority Spirit. Belief in family worship Bach Ngoc Lang showed Vietnamese people have brought Bach spiritual belief in the journey towards reclaiming land from the south, looking forward to the gods protecting the working and living. Through the survey, the house in the province of Phu Yen, initially we found only at new home Ngoc Lang Bach spiritual belief. This is a unique feature of this monument. Also, the front yard there are two small temple family, temple worship right Hau Turkey, on the rear wall of the temple started two words “Coordinate God” means heaven match. This is the god of the shrine’s land area, Thien YA Na that is. Right temple Marble church, including acts Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. These are key factors to create heaven and earth in the sense of the ancients. At Ngoc Lang family also kept some documents Han – Nom including a decree from King Thieu Tri life, ordained six of Tu Duc, Dong Khanh, Duy Tan, Khai Dinh.Its content and ordained decree related to the tutelary god of the village and Bach.

It’s due to Thanh Hoang Ngoc Lang village, Thieu Tri king’s decree said Le Van Xuyen Minh Mang was ordained gift in 1832. Sac storage room in the house of Le Van Phong but chat is a fire burning, so the government Week Phu Yen has reported the matter to court, to 1844 (4th year of Thieu Tri) king Thieu Tri decree confirmed this incident. Based on the contents by the worship of the family and the king’s decree can speculate Thieu Tri Le Van Xuyen living around the beginning of the eighteenth century. And based on the conferment of King Tu Duc in 1852 can know in advance this time, tutelary Le Van Xuyen was deified with the Security cosmetics brand Huu Thien Chi god Integrity, through the next ordained List Hoang are retained or offered cosmetic effect, but ordained by king Khai Dinh in 1924, Thanh Hoang Ngoc Lang from Chi spirits were lifted a higher level. on the spiritual belief Bach, the ordained for belief that this is a longstanding valued at Ngoc Lang, Bach Ma is considered the god of gods happy. Ordained by King Tu Duc said that before 1852, White Horse Family church in Ngoc Lang was fine style with performance Mental superiority Oai Ngu Vo Duong Bao Thuan Hoa Nhu Chuong Claims Mental superiority, through the conferment of life king Tu Duc, Dong Khanh, Duy Tan, Khai Dinh Bach gods are honored to add aesthetic effect and give people Ngoc Lang family worship at Ngoc Lang sanctuary to god bless the country is peaceful

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