Nhạn Tower

Nhan Tower was built in the late 11th century and early 12th century in a relatively flat area near the Wild Goose peaks. Around the building of the tower on Mount Swallow, legend has it that he forces his early minor impurities (ie Luong Van Chanh) engage the Cham (Champa). Battle took place in the land today Tuy Hoa city. His troops stationed in the mountains gum additives, Swallow occupiers to entrenched in the mountains. The contest was extremely fierce inconclusive. To avoid loss of life and property for the pagans, the two sides will jointly covenant together to build the tower, completed before the party wins, while the loser will have automatic withdrawal from Phu Yen. The two locations are the two choices are: Cleanser Force Swallow Mountain, his troops scouring additives mountain, a overhang of Cuu Mountain.

Taking full military strength steep build day and night until it is nearing completion of his tower was built additives, standing a corner of the sky. Care must accept military defeat. Then he Additives challenging military Champa towers burning, fire tower before party, that party wins and the other side to withdraw troops. His tower overnight additives had burned out in the mountains when the tower still standing Swallow. Luong Van Chanh brought to the foothills army troops Care Swallow forced to retreat from the other side through Ca Pass.

During the war against France (1945 – 1954), when the French invaded our country, we shelled make 3 corner tower and the tower collapsed. Due damaged during the war, in the late 1960s, under the puppet government, Phu Yen province for renovations towers, heal cracked places inside and outside the tower.

Building materials are brick tower with many different sizes, depending on the position of each wall, each storey tower and were laid snugly, but do not see the clock circuit very strong adhesion. Slightly above the back row of bricks on bricks than below until a closed dome. Nhan Tower architectural style as the Po Nagar Cham Tower in Nha Trang, which is built in the form of floor. Tower-shaped quadrangle with 4 floors, as high as scaled up than downstairs, but downstairs style. Near 23,5m high tower, 10-meter tower on each side leg.

The roof of the tower consists of multiple layers of ratings, the tip is constructed of natural stone lotus-shaped base weight evenly. It is a symbol of the Cham Linga. On top of the tower, four sides are four false windows, separation between the upper and lower floors. The main door in the east, the upper arched door, building book-style shock level, the bar of the door pillars and limestone blocks are soft and easily shaped, carved.

Inside the tower, towering vertical wall built from the base tower for the rest of the body. The higher, the more walls shrink gradually to the top, forming a cone shape. On the tower walls without decoration, only a few floral motifs carved dragon stylized marble towers located outside corner. In the heart of the tower is no altar, no audience, only a small forward am to worship her God Set A Na Summit Forum was built Ngoc Phi Le dynasty.

In particular, the foothills southwest Swallow, waterside rocks and contains a 1.3 m high, 0.9 m wide on each side, the foot has carved lotus petals, three letters engraved on the neck (in Sanskrit) common in the tablets of the pillars of the Cham towers. 1/3 inscriptions in stone. Perhaps this is the only president in a region that remains far tower.

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