Núi Thơm (Thơm Mountain ecotourism)

On full moon nights, we will walk the path crunch the trees, visitors can catch the hare. On this spring in Tuy Hoa, visitors would be surprised to walk on a windswept hill labor chaos colorful flowers, with the rather unique villa under the forest canopy. Mixed in nature – that is the feeling that the mountain eco-tourism area Thom gives those who ever came here.

Three years ago, this place only eucalyptus leaned his patience in the wind and shrubs gloomy. Who would have thought that Thom mountain – the mountain is located in An Phu Commune, the northern gateway to Tuy Hoa – will become a tourist site?

Then the water is brought to the mountain. Then all kinds of flowers, fruit trees, timber … forest green rose on each arid mountains. This is the wild are taken from Da Lat; This is the cherry blossoms, but Phil Africa was transferred from Indonesia … Besides flowers, we also planted trees such as sandalwood wealth, wind oil, black stars and create a garden guava, star fruit gardens, garden mango…

Then light up on Mount Thom power. The winding road looming, the lovely villas and equally unique appearance. Mount Thom is still there, but not a wild and barren. Mount Thom was still there but had already put on a new shirt.

“We want to build a luxury resort hotel where gu east – west, with sea, mountain, with beautiful nature.” Master Kim Huynh Thi Huong, General Director of Tourism Sao Vietnam, Native worry. After more than two years from the date of starting construction Sao Vietnam tourist resort Mount Thom (9/2005), the idea of ​​Kim Huong has to look up the picture. In-class accommodations and unique Phu Yen, visitors can hear the wind blowing, birds singing, in views of colorful flowers, completely relaxed with poetic space and spacious.

Thom mountainous north, the zoo has been formed, there is plenty of ostriches, deer, wild boar, sheep, rabbit, pheasant, pheasant. Also on this mountain there is a “wild forest” is about 4-5 hectares, has been zoned for storks, rabbits, weasels, squirrels, wild chicken … on in. In the moonlight, walking on the grass crunch walkways, visitors can catch the hare.

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