Phú Yên Tour (3D/3N): Hanoi – Phu Yen

Morning: Representatives of Bazan Travel welcome and help with flight procedures at Noi Bai airport, departure 07h50 go Tuy Hoa – City center Phu Yen province. Tuy Hoa airport, transfer to the hotel check-in procedures. Guests are free to relax, and then have lunch at the restaurant. Afternoon tour starting with the first destination is Cape Electrical lighthouse (or lighthouse Dai Lanh) situated atop the famous Dai ​​Lanh cape, beautiful natural scenery. Lighthouse brings pure French architectural landmarks are considered “marked” milestone easternmost country. Standing at the lighthouse area, visitors to easily observe – watch the whole scenery Vung Ro bay stretches “cool” eye. Next, the delegation had the opportunity to learn and celebrate photography historic places Vung Ro, hear about the vessels as well as road No Number of Ho Chi Minh on the sea, the history associated with this place. Last days, passenger car on the Tuy Hoa dine and rest. In the evening, guests are free to visit – night Tuy Hoa city sightseeing. Overnight in Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen.


Morning: After breakfast, the delegation visited the church network Mausoleum, located in Tuy An, a downtown Tuy Hoa 35km. This is one of the ancient churches and the most beautiful in the country, construction was started in 1892 by architect and a French missionary, Father Joseph Lacassagne, according archetypal Gothic architecture. At the church, visitors have the opportunity to learn, explore peaceful landscape; special, firsthand look at the work of national language bibles, editions of the first national language of our country, are stored here. Next, visitors proceed to Da Dia Reef area – a national scenic spots and tourist destinations as well as the province’s leading. It offers a unique location, hard to find elsewhere in Vietnam; with the sequence, shape stone columns stacked tower, reached the sea. There are landscape is due to a process of geological activity – from ancient volcanoes. On the way to Ganh, the group stopped to relax and sightseeing once in O Loan lagoon scene “painted marine beings,” national scenic spots famous of Phu Yen. Finish the morning show, dine at the restaurant group returned to the hotel and free activities and rest.

Afternoon: Early afternoon, the delegation visited the journey began and offered incense at Thanh Luong blessing itself, a beautiful architecture temples – majestic, the most famous Buddha statues with antique wooden Avalokitesvara quarter, the same story that rare magic related causes attenders and worshiped at the temple. Next, stop at scenic esplanade and swimming at Da Trai beach. This is a beautiful beach is relatively pristine, untapped strengths of tourism services should still bring a lot of natural features, with clear blue sea water quality, clean, white beaches stretching police do “fascinated” eyes. Hang Ran special dumps attract those who love photography, thanks to the black stone terrain enjoy great bands, voluminous, his direction of the sea. After hours of fun, relaxation, restaurant delegation Thuy Long beach dinner and then return to Tuy Hoa. Overnight in Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen.


Morning: After breakfast, check out hotel and returned to Hanoi to prepare. On the way to the airport, the delegation to relax and enjoy the authentic Phu Yen cafe ‘Cafe Tung’ – a large cafe, famous and oldest top in Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen, with delicious coffee flavor characteristics featured, beautifully designed space bar, cozy. To the airport, in procedures for flight back to Hanoi. Ending the tour itinerary, Travel Bzan goodbye to seeing unions and union in the next journey to the nearest day.

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