Phú Yên Tours (3D/3N): DAI LANH – HON KHO – QUY NHON

DAY 1 (Thursday night): Ho Chi Minh City – Đại Lãnh
19:00 HDV and Let’s Go Travel’s car, pick-up at the meeting point of departure to Dai Lanh.
On the way stop at rest areas.
Overnight on the bus.
DAY 2 (Friday): Đại Lãnh – Vung Ro – MUI DIEN (3 meals)
07:30 By Dai Lanh – Breakfast (enjoy specialty fresh ink pot). Rested.
09:00 You and Let’s Go Travel, moved to Vung Ro – Conquering Hai Dang Dai Lanh cape. Panoramic view, enjoy the fresh air, cool the Hai Dang Dai Lanh peaks and sightseeing at Cape Phone – Extreme East of the country.
12:30 Lunch at a local restaurant in the city of Tuy Hoa – Phu Yen.
14:00 Check in hotel and rest.
14:30 Tourists visiting Quy Nhon City Museum to learn about the history and special features of human Quy Nhon, then depart Ghenh Rang resort to visit the resting place of the poet Han Mac Tu, visiting Queen Beach, Beach egg, Stone Hon Chong … Union for dinner at a restaurant in the resort Queen Ghenh Rang, you spend the night in the coastal city of Quy Nhon.
18:00 dinner at a local restaurant, free to explore the lives of people in Quy Nhon at night.
Self discovery and culinary culture in Quy Nhon City nightlife with popular dishes such fascinate visitors Fish rice Quy Nhon, porridge heart cake asked, stone wine gourd, nem chua origin Brown, American pancakes port, coconut cake, bread less leaf spines, shrimp noodles, vermicelli dishes tsunami …… hard to resist attachment did so many tourists.
Day 3 (Saturday): PHUONG MAI peninsula – HON KHO ISLAND – QUY NHON (3 meals)
06:30 You wake up for breakfast at the hotel then hotel rooms.
07:30 You cruise tour Dry Hon Island. You are free swimming and diving beautiful coral reefs at Dry Island Hon. Then you have lunch with rich seafood menu in Quy Nhon specialties such as grouper, squid, Nhum, Porridge Hao …
14:00 Departure of Tuy Hoa City hotel rooms. Group stop to visit Lang church networks – a place to keep the Bible in the national language Vietnam oldest.
On the way to visit famous sightseeing Da Dia Reef: is one of the beautiful landscapes of the land of Phu Yen. From on high, can see rapids reclamation area with the hexagonal stones, fastened together pieces titled giant wax regularly, creating a solid overall with gloss black. This particular area of rapids formed when volcanic lava flowed into the sea. Hot lava met the cold sea froze, along with displacement, so the entire block tensioning cracked lava multidimensional create interesting landscape today.
18:00 dinner at a local restaurant and free to explore the city of Tuy Hoa at night
DAY 4 (Sunday): PHU YEN – HCMC (B 2 meals)
After breakfast you depart back to Ho Chi Minh City.
On the way we stop for lunch at the Nha Trang. Had to buy special in Nha Trang, Phan Rang and Phan Thiet.
Have dinner at a station stop self-sufficiency.
22:30 Back To Ho Chi Minh City. Ending the program and see.

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