Phú Yên tours in 3 days

Certainly, anyone who has ever watched the movie “I saw the yellow flowers on the green grass” also wanted to Phu Yen to eyes take in the view with a pure beauty, serenity. So what are you waiting anymore, save the useful experience to get 3 great holidays in Phu Yen, for example on the occasion of this new year.

Phu Yen is a province in south central coast, has mild climate, year-round weather and pleasant pretty cool, so you can come here anytime. Summer is always the perfect time because you can dive beneath the clear blue sea. However, if you have missed an opportunity, now completely still can hit the road.


You can choose to move in many different vehicles when traveling Phu Yen. If in Hanoi, the plane is the fastest means of transportation. Vietnam Airlines offers nonstop service with ticket prices ranging from 2.5 to 4 million (roundtrip) depending on the time. Because of limited flight schedule on days 2, 4, 5, 6 and Sunday so visitors make bookings in advance. From Ho Chi Minh City, you can fly to Cam Ranh, Quy Nhon and then continue the road or using other means such as trains, high quality bus … When set foot on the land of Phu Yen, if traveling with a large group people, you can rent cars range from 7 to 16 seats to tour landmarks.Here, people also offer motorcycle rentals for those you love freedom and want to make their journey home. Rents moderate with pockets of people, only between 80,000 and 120,000 / day.

You can freely select resting places service quality that suits you because hotels and motels in this relatively inexpensive, ranging from 200,000 to 1.5 million. The two most advanced resort in Phu Yen is Cendelux Hotel and the seaside resort town. If hiking or go phượt same group of friends, visitors can set up camp on the beach. This will be a very interesting experience in line with young people. The schedule reference in Phu Yen for 3 days

schedule is indicative suggest some destinations, you can change or choose the location accordingly with the needs of their time.

first day: Ganh Hang Ran – Da Dia – Cathedral Mausoleum network

A bowl of noodles or “Quảng” pasta sauce would be a great choice for breakfast. After breakfast, the fresh air would be suitable for your time traveling, learning about life here.

Ganh Hang Ran will be the first stop for tourists. Folding Ganh stretches of fine sand beaches. Nothing is more exciting to enjoy yourself on the beach and watch the natural wonders. Especially, when the climb reefs, you can also admire panoramic vast meadows, immense.

Da Dia is about 30 km from Ganh Hang Ran. As to the stopping point on Ganh you should choose a diner to enjoy lunch by the region does not have many restaurants. The seafood here but not diverse, but very tasty and cheap, suitable for everyone’s pocket. After a meal and rest, you will be reminded to follow the path to the stairs stalk Da Dia Reef . With stacking rocks, seen from a distance looks like the pile in the kilns, the Career Center heaving sea level, Da Dia Reef was named one of the most beautiful cliffs, the world’s most impressive. Go here, you can walk on the rocks, watching the sea fleet and above all be felt the salty taste of the sea, the mild irritation of the wind, feeling the noise of the waves pounding on the shore .

Day 2: Tuy Hoa – Vung Ro Day 2, you go to the south of the city of Tuy Hoa and visit famous landmarks such as Mui Dien lighthouse, Vung Ro … guests can park their cars at home people , near the Mon beach and climb the stairs leading to the lighthouse.the lighthouse nose Electricity is not just the easternmost point on the mainland of our country, which is also where many people want to set foot in, explore and conquer . Certainly not a few who wished to welcome the new day in town. The beauty peaceful under the morning sun of a new day will make visitors surprised, silly. Especially when reached the top of the lighthouse, you will be lost in another world admire the sheer vastness waters, the rock with odd shapes, listening to the waves slapping about to forget the chaos lo attempt of everyday life. Vung Ro is a place that you can not ignore when tourism in Phu Yen. Vung Ro was one of the important ports of the country, surrounded by Deo, and Hon Ba Da Bia Mountain. The blue sea water, the fine white sand beach stretching over 12 small in Vung Ro attraction and the most visited attraction. To Vung Ro, you can hire a boat out to sea to explore the ocean vastness, to experience the life of the fishermen here.

The 3rd: Tuy Hoa – Nhan mountain first day if no time you can combine life-Mausoleum and visited the city of Tuy Hoa wait Nhan tower sunset or look at Da Rang River. If not, you can leave for the next day. Swallow is the highest mountain mountain about 60 meters above sea level, seen from a distance looks like the swallows are flying wingspan. In the mountains with ancient tower built in the architecture of the Cham art. Viewed from the top, you can zoom in panoramic views over the city of Tuy Hoa, admire the beauty of the green parts of the sea, trees and homes. The time left to rest, then take the time to go wind damage sea, wandering the city of Tuy Hoa. You can look at the plaza quarter to sit at the coffee shop, snack and feel the rhythm of life gently, slowly the coastal people here.

Culinary: Specialties Phu Yen has many interesting dishes dishes lead as chicken rice, tuna, oyster soup, bread soup chives … you should also try apricot raw fish, squid noodles or fresh seafood

Gifts of coastal city of Phu Yen would of course you will not have to the hand is not that much less than buying presents fresh seafood, dried seafood … of this land to give to your family and your friends.

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