Phú-Yên “xèo pancake

The weather is turning to winter. Flickers of that in the afternoon, we go on the road, where he hears often smell smoke pancakes fly away, subtly aromatic, stomach reminds people feeling hungry and sadly…
“Xèo” pancake is delicacies ranks of the central strip, are more preferred. In the village of Yen (Phu Yen), but there are many delicious cakes with shrimp pancakes casting fresh ink into the early winter weather to say delicious, well-known throughout the country. Pancakes here are everyone’s attention by the diligence of skilled long homemaker and more. The girls, she often chooses the cast cake with fresh shrimp squid fished on newly fishermen.
If you like to eat pancakes fresh ink, the early morning seaside dock waiting fishermen go to sea, there will be a basket ink fresh. The reason for this season, but rain is fresh ink screens thanks to those who go after the same drop curtain lobster, shrimp bait electrical husband, saw the light level to get into and mesh.

The next morning the fishermen pull blinds up, squid alive. Do people go blind morning on fresh ink also sell food or family meals improve. So, who like to eat pancakes ink during the rainy season is not too difficult to find work.

The fresh squid, fresh shrimp cooked everything deliciously. If he makes pancakes cast during rainy days like this is even better. The sisters sat her brazier, brazier above each wheel frames have always sizzling fat, a brass powder enclosed sides, a basket of prices; one side is a basket of fresh shrimp or squid. Every time you hear a hissing lasting fragrant, the sisters give added every few crawfish cake with fresh squid and cap, the cooked a few minutes, take out and have both the shrimp rolls intact squid spread on the basket and bring them to disk ratings, only see well enough cravings. —- squid shrimp rice pancake delicious food at the new hot. Cup cakes with sauce dotted with thorn atrial few chilies served with mixed vegetables prices. You can also use moistened rice paper roll on the grill, pancakes and eat raw vegetables once. The feeling of the hot crispy, aromatic fatty, salty tear themselves gradually diffuse infiltration.

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