Phung Cac – 400 years old village

Among the ancient village was first formed in Phu Yen during the open land, Phung The village has an important position. Situated on the river between plain Tuy Hoa Three, Phoenix The village has the role of promoting the process of opening up the territory to the south of Vietnam, and has the task of protecting the wild, forming villages in the north of Phu Yen. Today, every time to ancient villages to burn incense Phung The tutelary commemorate Luong Van Chanh – the founder of the historical land of 400 years, we felt like being back on the ancestral land of Phu Yen to cover emotions surged.

I. The natural conditions to form Phung Cac Village
The Phoenix is ​​an ancient village situated on the left bank of the river delta ancient Da Forum. New youth up, access world Village location is Nguyen Dinh Phung The First described over land register Research dynasty PHU YEN: “Phuoc Toan Eastern borders, the territory of two villages west and Dai Phu Cam Son, Dai village south An Phu and Phu commune, Son hamlet north Korea “(1)
Currently the position adjoining the ancient village Phung The surrounding areas were identified: the north with the village Kien Binh Trieu Son, Crude; The village east Hau (Tri Hoa, Phu Hoa district); Dong Loc village south (Hoa Thang commune, Phu Hoa district) and Dai Phu village (Quang Nam Hoa commune, Phu Hoa district); Hon O mountains west of the village of Cam Son (Hoa Quang Bac commune, Phu Hoa district).
Is a village with an area spanning Delta region should land in the fertile Phoenix suitable for growing rice and other crops. The area of ​​the village owns the land register at the time of the reign of Gia Long established 15 (1816) is a 5-pole 516 form, in which the filling and really represents 308 private filled form, idle wasteland and charnel 5 samples, 198 samples wild . Much of the area is well superior field filled, each year growing in 4-5 months (down filled) harvest in 11-12 months (2). Alternating between plains and villages are populated lowland mountain as Sam Mountain, Mountain ENH, adorned Golden mountain scenery here as a picture wearing.
ENH Mountain (also known as islet Unicorn) has a unicorn silhouette is in position against the wild beasts protect the villagers. Gold Mountain is the people here named because the mountain each time after the rain is much different wildflowers bloom competition, far from looking like a forest of yellow flowers. Especially bearing the child of Sam Mountain eagle (phoenix) wingspan is flying to the south and is known to be a natural beauty spots going into folk:

Impassively like the O Loan lagoon water.
Near populated areas is the high mounds scattered throughout the village as the yellow mound, mounds guava, red wood, leather plant mound, mounds Mr. Sam, warehouses … are mounds land area suitable for cultivation of crops such as beans, cassava, maize, sweet potato …
Ben Wading River originates from tributaries and small streams and streams Ré from Quang Hoa mountainous region running through wrapped arms around the west and north of the village as a dragon Phoenix The small (sub-long) supply of irrigation water when in the fall term and the drain channel when rainstorms. The period before 1945 was narrow roads, rivers and roads of Ben Wade is transported transporting agricultural products to markets in Tuy Hoa Dinh government consumption and reverse purchase some essential items for consumption needs of the people in the village . Today much of the alluvial river sections and some sections sedimentation due to agricultural land encroachment reduce the flow, so the difficulties escape flooding whenever heavy rain, the fields of the village as Roc Temple, Bau Co , Bau pond, copper plating … submerged in water when even weeks, affecting crops, as well as people’s lives.
The village east Phoenix is ​​high dunes of sand neighbors, neighbors of the village of Quy Hau Cactus shape like a small turtle (primary rules) is creeping south at comparable large turtle turtle Stock northern mountains. So when Vietnamese migrants up here exploring the village on a land of feng shui the place sacred animals (dragon, unicorn, regulations, phoenix) rare, so they had to settle long-term settlement. The Phoenix naming villages, our ancestors wanted to express aspirations into precious lands, wealth, peace. Because soil contains elements “geographical” special should tutelary Luong Van Chanh-‘re the first person to explore the land of Phu Yen – chose as a retreat for old age and is home resting after work completed tasks expand the country’s progress in the ethnic South XVI-XVII centuries.

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