Some of Famously Dishes for your lunch at Phú-Yên

Besided of the varied seafood dishes, there are another famously dishes included Banh Canh He (Shallots noodle soup), cake of salted shredded pork…etc which served for the visitors. With budget price’s only about 15000 USD ($ 0.7), you can already enjoy a dishes which specialized flavor of Phu Yen.

1. Hot-pot of squids

4tn ẻhjeh

The specialty of this land, Squids are freshed servered any time, It’s also freshed and iridescent skin. Bouillon is made pretty simple but strong taste the waters with the synthesis of raw materials such as: fresh ginger, pineapple, tomato, spices have a mild flavor to not overwhelms the taste characteristic of ink. In addition, it is also for fish ball into the pot to increase the attractiveness.

This dish is usually eaten spinach basella, centella,, fresh bamboo shoots, bean prices and a dish of rice vermicelli. When a pot of boiling broth for squid and vegetables into boiling water, wait for the back is can be used. The price of a pot of about 200,000.

2. Cake of salted shredded pork

4t njwegng

Casual cuisine is simply consists of two main parts gear is asked and rub the same Cotton Bowl brewed sauce served with slightly spicy but this dish so be it people love. What makes allure so for cotton scrub each tile is bánh hỏi dai cake in cotton and rub the soft, sweet salty mouth just Macintosh. The price of a plate of about 20000 USD ($ 1)

3. Oysters fried eggs


In Phu Yen oysters are processed into many different dishes are simple but may prompt oysters fried eggs. Oysters look outside look ugly but the meat inside very clear and fresh white. Fresh oysters just marinated sauteed with onions, salt, garlic, pepper for fragrance. Then let the egg has sexual harassment all together the onions into the Pan Fried oysters, ngò for gold, flip both sides for nine really can be. The price of a plate of about 25000.

4. Banh Beo

ư 4jarhaeh

People in Phu Yen is often used for ceramic wine jars to make cake mold. Rice powder is mixed, put into each of the chum a then brought. When cleaning, the water in the pot to boiling then new cake always nine in and form a circular hole between the cake very beautiful eyes. Duct of Phu Yen are also served with shrimp, chives and sweet sauce similar to how enjoy duct Cup hue. The price of a xửng 10 Cup from 10000-15000 vnd.

5. Banh Canh He (Shallots noodle soup)

tn qư4hje

Cuisine is famous all over the place, carrying the brand of Tuy Hoa and people are very fancy, visitors come here you can eat fried shallots in a roadside Cafe at any time of the day. Yarn soup cake made from rice flour, soft and not chewy. Grilled fish is made from the kind of sea fish has more here and retire, moulding paste into pieces, fried and cooked Golden steamer The price of a bowl is about 8000-10000 USD

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