Some of the amazing snack dishes at Tuy Hoa Town

Tuy Hoa Town (Phu Yen) not only satisfy guests with the quiet, casual but also brings experience extremely interesting snacks.

Phu Yen is a coastal province located in the south-central with coastline stretches almost 200 kilometers, bordering the North, Binh Dinh, south of demarcation with Khanh Hoa province by the Ca Pass – one of the major passes, the rugged central Vietnam. Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen province’s capital, nearly 1,200 km from Hanoi.

Referring to tourism in Phu Yen, one does not only refer to the scenic spots, tourist attractions dotting both sides of the four provinces but also have to mention the rich, wonderful cuisine. It is no coincidence that one or Phu Yen called “earth drink”. Tuy Hoa City not only to satisfy guests with the quiet, its simplicity that will bring you the experience extremely interesting snacks. Does the phrase “easy in Phu Yen, hard on” and part comes from the reason for this?

  • Pancake central style.


The first is the pancakes – a familiar dishes are much loved and widespread in our country from the west, south to north central lowlands, everywhere is easy for a pancake restaurant. However, if you enjoy pancakes at a sidewalk shop on Le Thanh Ton Street, Tuy Hoa City, you will find that foods taste very unique, especially from workers until sauce cake. Like traditional pancakes, made ​​with the crust still rice flour and stuffed with shrimp, pork, bean sprouts, fried golden and folded into a semicircle. Here’s one more level.Depending on the taste that customers can call pancakes with shrimp, squid, or mixed meat and egg price has not changed, with only 10,000 VND. The pancake in here put many stuffing ingredients, so very thick cake. Central smaller pancakes South should eat about 5-6 2 who is no stretch. You can call for more roll wrap along or just be eaten with sauces and assorted vegetables, herbs. The waiter will bring you both fish and opaque (seed seasoning sauce) and fish in (mixed with water and vinegar sauce, add garlic chili).

  • – Chicken rice – you should not ignore the chicken rice. Phu Yen chicken rice comparable popularity and attractiveness with Tam Ky chicken rice and chicken rice Hoi An (Quang Nam). In the city of Tuy Hoa, if any citizen who asks about where delicious chicken rice, you will be assigned to the chicken rice shop Tuyet Nhung on Le Thanh Ton Street. It’s a popular restaurant, serving staff enthusiastic, fully meet the criteria delicious – complement – the cheaper backpacker population from 25,000 to 35,000 for a performance contract. Rice is cooked in chicken broth to smooth gold, dig out hot, sprinkle with shredded chicken give up on extra laksa leaves, served with sliced ​​cucumber, bean sprouts and crispy onion salt. Soy sauce is not too spicy here so comfortable you sprinkle on cooked rice and mix thoroughly before eating to enhance the flavor of dishes.
  • Bò Né (Roasted Beef on Charcoal).


For the breakfast, the best choice is incredibly delicious bar dodged cows in the 3 Nguyen Thai Hoc. The owner will give you a flavor fragrant pan includes a very soft steak, fried egg and pork trade, top with cheese coated with fleshy days a crunchy bread will make you the most moderate must return to this restaurant to eat more again. Price per capacity is 35,000 dong. Like Quy Nhon, fruit smoothies (fruit beams) in Tuy Hoa also has 12,000 dong a glass. However here beams mixed fruit dishes not rich so please try dishes sapoche (sapodilla) mixed with red roses Dalat. Best bar is located near the intersection of Le Loi and Nguyen Thai Hoc.

  • King Crab


Phu Yen has a coastline so the snails and seafood here is very rich, can meet any real demand yet guest. Screws strange, rare snails, snails and what also here apparently second only real coffee just must. Quan Hoa Sua on Dien Bien Phu Street is a suggestion for those of you like to eat seafood with affordable price. Here, people do not just sell the building that sells a wide variety of seafood: shrimp, crab, oysters, crab and various prepared: steamed lemongrass, ginger steamed, grilled, roasted tamarind, roasted with salt, fried garlic , fried satay … alone with crushed crab has three categories, including Spanner crab. This crab species live in the clean sea, golden sandy bottom and the clear blue water. Spanner crab when cooked red shell pink tiles look very attractive, strong and very sweet crab meat. If you want to eat more affordable, the agency Justice Building, Nguyen Thai Hoc Street in late cut to Dien Bien Phu. In addition to the types of snails, clams, then here are very tasty anchovy salad. Dried anchovy mixed with green mango, carrots only, vegetable chips, peanuts. But this dish when mixed people put a lot of spicy food is spicy, so if you are not prompted before the bartender.

  • Variety of Sweet gruel  – If you love to eat, there is a bar on the road pavements Duy Tan strs with all kinds: banana tea, corn, potatoes, mixed for about 2,000 VND / glass cup of tea but each tiny here so everyone should eat 3-4 cups take new. Even mixing cream shop nearby, open from 16h.


A snack that students here enjoyed the cake skewer and baked egg roll, dipped in soy sauce broth to taste just as spicy, the price is only 2,000 VND. With those you love to explore, explore the unique deco cafes, lovely, unique style, then come to Photo & Coffe. It was great to enjoy a cup of fragrant ginger cafe inside the glass door with the purple cake tiny macarons in a cafe not signs, roofing tiles and very lovely decorated with fresh flowers filled bags turning. PHD is separated and humility in an alley on the way Mau, around the whole tree with old tile roof house. Here, in addition to the design is beautiful, with many photographic angle drinks menu is also very rich, delicious, reasonably priced, bartender and waiters are very cute. Also some dishes above , referring to the popular dishes in Phu Yen, tourists come here all want to taste the bread porridge asked lap, a very popular dish in the provinces of Gia Lai, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen and shallot cake soup close Phu Yen University. surely if you want to try out the delicious, Phu Yen strange animals you will have to make do with spent a lot of time here. Two weeks, three weeks or a month or even more. So, if there are only three days or a week chips for Tuy Hoa, hope you will try this dish and I am sure you will also fascinated.

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