Sông Cầu Crab Specialties

Crab River Bridge area (Phu Yen) to a hand, plump, dark blue body, more and overalls speckled white, fat germ. One might boiled, roasted or grilled salted, cooked very interesting hybrid rai.Guests wishing to have dinner there even soup crab crab, roasted crab disk .

The professional crabs catching often use bare hands or placed sundews. And those who are not professional, use the pitchfork pierced crab body and immediately collected drinking spot. Relatively easy to catch crabs. They usually swim in the cave, alternating rapids or beef up the sun on the stone aggregate.Riders catch crabs quickly grabbed a couple of dozen times also.

Crab placed on sale at markets or provide for bars, restaurants were available to order. The owner is often locked in cages notes crab submerged bamboo and release, when drawing up new customer need to do dishes. Cool sit wind damage, water immense sky ten minutes will have dishes cooked crab crabs fried with salt or clean up immediately. Visitors also wanted crab feast is also available with the crab soup, crab disk rim warehouse steaming hot.

If necessary sip dragging it has made ​​paying huge crab, red brick, lined up neatly on Breathtaking disk. Grab with both hands, cracking claws and gently smashed it out, put the disc into his mouth salt. The first feeling is the sweet, fragrant aroma, smooth fat and fat in the tongue, then gradually seep down to the neck. Guests sip a beer to get momentum, eaten followed by peeling off the white underbelly brassiere, stripped shell to reveal the toned layer of white meat and a layer peeled nà yellow brick nursery. Use a fork to pry off the dotted layer disc before eating salt and pepper, then add the meat layer. Eating crabs fed, kept slowly one by one, all the others come. Eat and drink beer. When will feel abdominal fullness, new severance!

Leaving poetic Song Cau in feeling comfortable, travelers do not forget to bring the crab was fresh strings, mouth breathing Phi Phi, as a gift for family or friends affinity…

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