Song Hinh (Hinh River) – The eco-tourism zone in Phu Yen

Song Hinh has strengths in tourism, enjoying the water source is the river three great rivers Ba, Song Hinh and Krong Nang River. This is the ideal place for ecological tours, help the province’s tourism industry as well as regional development.

First of all, The Plant is positioned for transportation, is the midpoint of the famous tourist destinations to help travelers get across and shorten the time. Especially East Truong Son road has been started in March 8/2010 in Ea Bar, expected to be completed in 2013. Once there, go to the Song Hinh Dalat was only 120km, take My Son Sanctuary (province Quang Nam) about 350km. Along with DT649 route along the western axis of Phu Yen, DT645 and combined with other routes, from Song Hinh travel famous tourist attractions in the area such as Da Lat, Buon Ma Thuot, Nha Trang or the Church of Uncle Ho (Son Hoa district), war relics Dong Xuan and other tourist attractions in the province are very convenient.

Song Hinh now has three hydropower plants are Song Hinh, Song Ba Ha and H’Nang. In particular, the Lower Ba River Hydropower largest hydroelectric close Hai Rieng town center. In addition to rugged mountains, Song Hinh has many forests and rivers, spectacular streams. In particular, the southern reef area adjacent areas between Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa, Co Hon, Hon Black could not arrive because many roads in difficult and dangerous. Right in the center of town Two Private sector Suoi May trafficking old hot springs, at temperatures up to 70 ° C before, because those who do break the door sprinkler gold should now only 50-60oC temperature. According to many local people, people with scabies, a hot springs bath only 2 times this is from. Rare hot springs if the investment is mined, it will be the place attracted a large number of tourists on the resort. The time it was submerged Lower Ba River Hydropower, just to dry, shallow water, emergent. If the investment is to exploit, this place will have high business efficiency.

Many locals like him: Dinh Van Phung, Ta Quang Dung, Vi Van Thuan and Nguyen Duc Thinh very enthusiastic with hot springs water project this May. Of hoping: “If this place was invested into the area, the hot baths all tourists have flocked to the Song Hinh not less”. Song Hinh is prolific pet, tree, driftwood and stones unique art, which are rare and have attracted many tourists to enjoy the show. In the town of Hai Rieng, Lake Center with bridge crossing, travelers go to the village convenient “travel” in Village Le Diem.

Song Hinh district currently has 17 ethnic groups should live cultures of diverse peoples. Besides, local residents also have many “immigrants” from other regions, many councils established by the different local flavor live in Song Hinh.

Among them, most notably the Council of Phu Tho flavor, with more than 100 farmers from the land into the Hung Kings settled here. King Hung’s death anniversary on March 10 th of the lunar calendar, the children, strawberry-law of Phu Tho who focused on the president to organize his death anniversary of Hung Vuong. This is the traditional beauty of the solemn Feng Asian children when away land to do business, they always hope for ancestral worship their forefathers.

The most earnest desire of Phu Tho council is hoping to taste a Hung Kings Temple in Song Hinh land, so that people have a place of worship fatherland expectations. This is a great idea, have a lot of meaning, especially the traditional education of national unity and preserve the cultural identity of more than 4,000 years of national construction and defense of our forefathers for future generations to follow. If this idea a reality, it will create the highlight to attract tourists to visit. At the same time, the project combined with hot springs, the resort will be the Song Hinh tourism are very pervasive, connect the tour of Phu Yen and the South Central region.

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