Xuân Đài Bay

There is a small bay on Xuan Dai Bay, Mountains wrapped and stretched out to the sea beaches, it caused chaos for travelers in the heart at first sight. Xuan… Read more

For the first love in Phu Yen

After days of looking forward, finally, I was watching the movie “I see gold flower on green grass” by director Victor Vu, It adapted from the novels of the same… Read more

Mũi Điện (Pole of Đai Lanh)

From the city of Tuy Hoa travel about 35km south east is to Mũi Điện or known as “Pole of Dai Lanh”. It’s located in Phuoc Tan Village, Hoa Tam commune, Dong… Read more

Vũng Rô

Vũng Rô  are people known as the red address in the war against imperialism in Vietnam. It is the landing of the ship unindicated to carrying weapons supplies to the… Read more

Đá Dĩa rapids (Ghềnh Đã Đĩa)

Đá Dĩa rapids monument is recognized as a national landmark with a shape like a giant honeycomb jutting into the sea. Is a unique natural wonder. For the first time… Read more

“Đèn” rapids

The summer has visited  Đèn rapids   (Dong An Ninh commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen) – Places are still fresh in people backpacking manuals – you will have more interesting things… Read more

Some of Famously Dishes for your lunch at Phú-Yên

Besided of the varied seafood dishes, there are another famously dishes included Banh Canh He (Shallots noodle soup), cake of salted shredded pork…etc which served for the visitors. With budget price’s only about… Read more

Long Thuy Beach

Long Thuy beach is known to be a beautiful beach known for the harmonious combination of the unique natural landscape, the coconut-lined long glide on smooth sandy beaches of the… Read more