Tangy of chives “soup cake” of Phú-Yên

This dish is very popular in the Central coastal province starting from Da Nang, then extends to the “land of sunshine and wind” Ninh Thuan province. Depending on the local dish of “soup cake” will be variations with many different versions. From fibre materials “soup cake” as “soup cake” from rice flour or “soup cake” by “Tapioca” … other ingredients is also a fish ball have also been made from many different types of fish such as fish, mackerel, Barracuda…

All contribute to these features bring private identity, offering delicious taste for customers.
With the Phu Yen, in addition to the common ingredients such as fried fish, cake … then the Green and fresh, aromatic taste of the leaf chives is the focus of a separate attractive for visitors when enjoying casual dishes.

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The dish was a culinary picture with green chives, fried fish rolls of yellow, white cake, quail eggs….
Despite being a famous dish, tourists preferred but is a very casual cuisine in the land of Central.Guests can easily enjoy this dish in a roadside Cafe any morning or evening. Look at the ingredients of the dish, feeling like everything is very simple but is a process that requires the precise of the Cook.
Thread the “soup cake” is made from rice flour, soft but when Cook from being broken, tough and not lucrative. Grilled fish is made from the kind of sea fish has many here as the fish, Barracuda, relationship … The flesh finely into pieces, moulding to retire to, thick, Golden fried and then cooked steamed.

Thanks to the richness of the fish of the sea, so the people here do not use the cooking broth tube bone. They often buy small fish, fresh live on Ning, should use, has a sweet taste and does not cause the fatty sensation for the customers. Bowl “soup cake” as a painting, beautiful cuisine in harmony with green chives, hidden beneath a yellow ball of fried fish, white bread, fibres of quail eggs … along with attractive fragrances smell makes people eat just want to enjoy this right.
Phu Yen travel and enjoy “soup cake” chives in the morning is the fascinating thing that visitors should not overlook. The rustic, casual dishes, but the delicious taste of it then still fall promotion for visitors.

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