Temple of St. Le Thanh Phuong

Le Thanh Phuong temple was built at the foot of Mount Da Chong, Quan Cau Pass – Pass The chasing natural way north – south. Le Thanh Phuong grave was buried nearby, is located halfway up the pass Quan Cau always windy and sunny, the hero’s grave Can Vuong movement of Phu Yen, this condition has been built, the road to the grave are stone stairs – Tombs and temples he was the Ministry of Culture – The Information recognized that historic national level – Located in the system of 18 historic national, Phu Yen has now available.
Le Thanh Phuong – the son of Phu Yen, he was born in 1825 in the village of My Phu, Xuan Vinh general (now US Phu hamlet, An Nghiep commune, Tuy An district). 1885, Projector response of King Ham Nghi Vuong, he gathered some elaborately Degree in Phu Yen patriotic militarism gathered, raised the flag against the French anti-sex. He is King Ham Nghi style “Mini Marshal Service Great god”.
On 02.20.1887 (ie 28 January Dinh Hoi), Le Thanh Phuong was executed at the wharf enemy Cay Dua (now in An Dan commune, district Tuy An, Phu Yen). Before his death, he boldly with the enemy with the immortal words: “Ninh life and death, no life security humiliation” – That is, would rather die than live under humiliation. His time at the temple in the village of Phu My, An Nghiep commune, Tuy An even suicide by hanging poem he composed, showing the indomitable, steadfast hero of the ethnic homeland in the land of Tuy An – Phu Yen.
today, on the occasion of 28 January every year, people around the slave tingle temple festival Le Thanh Phuong, with traditional rituals associated with cultural activities – Sports, plug farm, hut chanting, flag people …
in Phu Yen, Tuy Hoa city has long had the street named Le Thanh Phuong and in Tuy An, with school levels 2-3 also bears his name – Le Thanh Phuong … Just in January occasions, festive season, people inside and outside the province back to the festival slave tingle Le Thanh Phuong

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