“The Eye of Tuna” – The eyes for holding travelers

When you travel to Phú-Yên, You’re not only admiring the landscape as well as  Ghenh Da Dia, Dam O Loan, the Vung Ro port or Dai Lanh tips … you’re also enjoy casual cuisine such as bánh cuốn, pork porridge or red oysters… but most especially is the eye of tuna. Tuna fish also called shade, cow is kind of have a high nutritional value and is a very popular dish in many places in Asia such as Japan, Taiwan, South Korea. Tuna eyes to using chicken eggs, rich in Omega 3 and DHA, is very good for your eyes.

In the province along the central coast have tuna but maybe tuna and special eye tuna dish is delicious and nutritious that Sun has for this land. Eye tuna almost out of province because not enough offers for restaurants and bars along the embankment of Phu Yen. Therefore, almost any traveler would first come here also choose eye tuna dish to satisfy your curiosity that long just to listen notoriety rather than not yet enjoy. But when try and then want to eat more, eat forever, and want to be repeatedly visited Phu Yen to enjoy this delicious dish.

Eye tuna are specialties that any tourist would when to Phu Yen are also tried.

The eyes of tuna are processed very elaborately. The ankle after preliminary processing just take the eye accompanied by several kinds of vegetables, spices in the dish of stewed as jujube, commemorating the death and then be put in earthenware jugs and nine-module. However, there are States, jujube but when not enjoying the smell of drugs North and retains the characteristic fragrance of fish. So people who don’t use the related to smoking, eating this dish to be North. Eye tuna with aromatic vegetables, but more particularly indispensable chopped shiso leaves, vegetables, use chopsticks to stir lightly cooked vegetables for re and seep water and sweeteners for the mouth.Eye tuna eat fatty fatty, Glendon Glendon and the scent of meat at the bottom of the eye very characteristic, when punch first spoon inserted into the mouth, the sweet, spicy spread to make the top of the tongue. For the region when enjoy this often for more peanuts and small baked roll bend on water xụp soy sauce, then inhale the HUP Holland and enjoy the great taste of the dish.

Eye tuna in Phu Yen not only carries the flavor of the sea that got the breath of life and people. If get a chance to visit the District, you can enjoy this dish at Le Duan with 20000 price/VAT.

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