The peaceful days in Phú Yên

Phu Yen is not a strange land for me, before this trip I’ve come here a few times. That is the mission many years ago, I went to Phu Yen as a northern people that do not understand much about the culture and people in Central. Meanwhile my general feeling about this city is the simplicity and brings boredom, the boredom that shows through the empty streets, not many services, restaurants, bars and great hotel .

At that time I did not put their concerns on tourism here, simply because I and some friends still have their own experiences. we still find small restaurants to enjoy the cuisine of its own here in the evening, we used the motorcycle to up the hill to visit Nhan Tower, panoramic view of the city. We were wandering on the coastal road in the afternoon, swimming and buy fresh seafood are also new material which they caught from the sea, we totally do not fret anything, just quietly feel the land of “I see yellow flowers on the green grass”!

I went back to Tuy Hoa alone at this time, the starting point for the journey from the Central to the South Central region. Do have a little experience in tourism in Phu Yen, so I did not prepare much, simply book tickets and fly to it, I’ll come here to relive the old days, to discover what they missed in this place.

How to get to Phu Yen?

From Hanoi to Phu Yen so far, the aircraft is the optimal choice. I booked tickets early before the trip about 2 months so its price is very stable: 600,000 VND / leg. Already a long time I did not come up when Central airport I was a bit shocked with what they are seeing and experiencing. Although this is a plane of Vietnam Airlines, but it looks like a toy plane, it’s small and terrible care, just like the aircraft I have ever seen in the movies from a century ago, only other than that it was a new paint only. Perhaps because these are domestic flights with short distances to “this guy” used small planes to cut costs, is not it? but for those passengers, it was hard to sit on, just look at each other, but only smiled. We sat just sipping his meager breakfast on the plane that feel anxiety lest it fall, shaking constantly!

Phu Yen airport is small, but quite nice, it looks like the newly rebuilt airport alternative to that before I ever went. Distance from airport to city center. Tuy Hoa range of 10 kilometers, was lucky that day I met an old friend on the same flight as well, so that both taxi on rent. In addition to taxis, you have more choice about running for city taxi.

Resort hotels in Phu Yen

Easy to care for those who are booking a room on Agoda or from home, arriving just go straight to the hotel there. Otherwise you can go before you find a room because the hotel also offers in Tuy Hoa lot which is also quite cheap, to places that pay the price if on weekdays and holidays not rush. I recommend in the city center, the surrounding transportation, full service but the dining area, also close to the coast.

Some properties could name here as:

Tropical Hotel, 216 Nguyen Hue Street address, Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen. Hotels catering and car rentals.
Hung Vuong Hotel, No. 239-241 Hung Vuong, Tuy Hoa. Hotel free bicycle loan.
If possible you can stay Cendeluxe Hotel 5 star hotel, the address No. 02 Hai Duong, near Tuy Hoa station.

I stay at home as Italy, the address No. 07, Nguyen Cong Tru Street close to Tran Hung Dao cut, quite clean, airy and comfortable, room rates from 200-250k / night. You may contact telephone number: 057 3827639 to book a room (K / s is also available on Agoda). Here, right next to the 5 and close down the embankment to the beach center seafood restaurant, also came out near Nhan Tower.

If you want to rent motorbikes can be rented at the hostel, and I when I hire in Tuy Hoa now sells rice dust her face with her hostel. 120k-150k range overall price / day self refuel. Also you can refer to a number of other connections as he Sang phone number: 0934074522; Other services such as car rental if necessary travel, tours, laundry service, etc. you just ask your hotel’s information in, they’ll show up.

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