The places not to be missed when traveling in Phu Yen

Phu Yen is given to a system of natural landscape is quite diverse, complete with mountains, plateaus, deltas, rivers, lakes, bays, islands … here are some places to be certain Phu Yen when traveling.

  1. Đồng Cam dams


Dong Cam Dam located in Phu Hoa district , 688m long with more than 2,500 large and small items, two canals are the north and south channels irrigate rice Tuy Hoa region wide 220 km². Dong Cam is a specific aesthetic value and technically very high. Dams have economic significance, history plus the beautiful scenery, unique architecture.

2. Vung Ro Bay

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Vung Ro is an inlet of Hoa Xuan Nam commune, Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen province, situated just on the edge Deo mountains. Bay is also the natural border between the sea with Khanh Hoa, Phu Yen. The view from the top of the East Pass, Vung Ro Bay will captivates visitors with a green non specifically the intertwined poetic and majestic. The ideal time for you to Vung Ro in the summer – the shrimp fishing season, the season of the sun poured fire but such as new friend feel all the beauty of the pristine and crystal clear bay.

3. Mằng Lăng Church


It’s Built in 1892, the church network Mausoleum is considered the oldest church in Phu Yen and is one of the oldest churches in Vietnam. It is quite easy to attract visitors of Phu Yen, in the past the church has been the place network Lang stop teaching Alexandre de Rhodes bishop (father Dac Lo) and this is also the place to keep books letters the first national language of our country.

4. Van Hoa plateau

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Van Hoa plateau Son Hoa district, including Xuan Son, Son Long and Son Dinh. Located at an altitude of 400m, sunny plateau, wind and fog. The interesting thing about this place is in the autumn climate is always lower in Tuy Hoa, morning mist unfurl you will see, feel like you are in Dalat. Also, this place is also known for aromatic specialties, jackfruit and 2 sauce made ​​from this fruit.

5. Da Dia rapids

Ganh lamps in Phu Yen most famous landmark to mention Da Dia Reef unique only in Vietnam. From a distance, Da Dia Reef as a gigantic beehive about 50 meters wide, 200 meters long with prismatic rocks adjacent ratings, neatly stretched out along the sea. Reefs with thousands, thousands of rocks that, mysterious iridescent black to stand out from the blue sea and the white surf. How near Da Dia Reef is Ganh lamps with less frequented but also spectacular scenery equally captivates so many people you’ve ever contemplate.

6. Nhan Tower


Nhan Tower is a tower located in the mountains Nhan Cham, Cham towers were living in the basin of river deltas built three centuries around 12. quadrilateral-shaped tower with four floors, as high up as thumbnails re than downstairs, but downstairs style. 23,5m tall tower. The inner part of her church is a small temple of God Set A Na Summit Forum was built Ngoc Phi Le dynasty. Nhan Nhan Tower is located in the mountains, reflected on Da Giang line majestic paintings created marine organic situation: Mountain Wild Goose – Da Rang River.

7. Bai Hang Trai

This beach located on the north of Tuy Hoa city, about 500 meters long, with two beautiful wild black rock beach surrounded both ends. After the success of the film “I saw the yellow flowers on the green grass”, sweeping views of kite flying segments of the child character in the film has attracted many tourists to visit.

8. Da Bia Mountain Da Bia Mountain, Compassion name is Thach Son, Nui Ong folk called, is the highest mountain massif of mountains Dai ​​Lanh Deo. Mountains are famous for beer giant rock is about 80 meters away on the mountain that still can be seen. On cloudy peaks often obscures Beer rocks create majestic scenery, impressive. This can also be overlooking the surrounding waters, see Vung Ro in Phu Yen in the southern foothills or even Van Phong Bay in Khanh Hoa Province. On sunny days even visitors can see the city of Nha Trang.

9. Ô Long Swamp is located at the foot of the Bridge of National Highway 1A, O Loan lagoon is like a phoenix wings are flying. This is an excellent location for tourists watching the sun at dawn. You can enjoy panoramic dress by Quan Cau Pass climb with wide lake scenery each wave ripples in the wind, the low rolling hills with green sugar cane fields. Loan lagoon excursions, guests will enjoy specialty famous oysters renowned throughout the country.

10. Xuan Dai Bay

Xuan Dai Bay is a small bay at the foot of steep gloves located in Song Cau Town. In the bay there are many beautiful beaches and sea pools as Vung La, Vung Ware, Vung visit, with many islands, peninsula. The beaches here are owned by the clear waters and not deep, visitors can swim away without fear of danger.

11. Lighthouse Dai Lanh

Landmarks of Bai Mon – Dai Lanh cape is located in Dong Little Village, Hoa Tam commune, Dong Hoa district, the city of Tuy Hoa about 35 km to the southeast. Dai Lanh captivates the crowd with pure Mon Beach, the stretch of undulating sand. The most interesting is along trails, to lighthouses, watching the waters

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