The story has never told since a “backpacking” trip in Phu Yen

After the long trip, I felt bigger and a little more assertive, In addition is the love of life, this additional help me for the full of energy in me. Because of I am young, and the young must go, if I wait, will not have time to do many things.

Phu Yen early Tet very sunny sky. Have a taste of the sun is a bit ethereal and passionate; taste just makes us want to depart. And perhaps because of high spirits, or by inviting the sun, or by both, so I and my friends decided to make a trip that they say is “go vertical” is not right, that horizontal nor right “, perhaps called an impromptu trip Phu Yen in 2 days. 2 days is not too long to make people feel tired, as not enough time for a kid play shows off the beauty Phu Yen.

The first day, the destination is generally Tay Hoa district, and in particular the Huong Tich Pagoda, spray and spa area Lac Sanh. 9 am, when the belly was full of chung cake, pickled onions, jam Tet patterns, with small I hit the road, with two bottles of mineral water and two chocopie. Tay Hoa is not small, but the road is very winding, even without a name. Two new small baby girl over nineteen, eighteen were never out there on vehicle history Dream ten years driving more than 50 kilometers, as just hit the top of Tay Hoa. Here, according to the schedule, the first injection. As if to ask the neighbors to pieces, to New Hydropower curious black stone (about 50m from the spray ==), forever struggling still do not understand where the jet before it escaped. After some hesitation thinking, two kids made a bold decision, to go before Huong Tich Pagoda. Huong Tich Pagoda which, perhaps, is due to the monks prefer a quiet place, and hid it in a corner somewhere that only those who liked the new found calm. Wandering in the neighborhood for a while, but lost on a road which is the only way to go through the car driving, you’re also to be small and Huong Tich Pagoda.

23n ẹdhg

The temple is not large, but rather to a Phu Yen where visitors should go. It brings the purity and beauty of ancient, very ancient, a desolate beauty, but coy, seated next to a vast fragrant fields. At that time, I had a small plot and eat “Happy”, in a temple, but perhaps not so holy days such that, should the two of loitering inviting dining nobody nostalgic rust.

So back into the car, looking for the spray, spray area deep in the foothills. No way is equally challenging. Area full of jagged rocks. People who like phượt, like backpacker visiting should definitely try the spray once said. In the middle of a lake, full of big and small rocks, raging rapids; if to spray on days of winter, the more water flowing over again, feeling like underground geysers from the ground up; Around the lake are forests, nature also put lots of stones in various sizes along the lakeshore. Clear water lakes, luxuriant vegetation very cool and “adventure”.


Leave the spray area, we go the opposite direction, crossed a cornfield very long very long, no people live. Listen Lac Sanh spas sure to go deep into the corn field, someone said new path expected to find; How are you two back the lease on.

On Monday, the destination is Van Hoa plateau. Van Hoa plateau located in the Phu Hoa District. Plateau uplink is a concrete road covering; High mountain side, one side overlooking the valley, the scenery really gives people the feeling we want to go, go again. Van Hoa sunny, but the sun was calming down, mingles with the cold weather. The most beautiful thing here is how the beautiful scenery along the road. A clear blue lake, which is probably, nothing can be found.

And the fields stretch, stretching does not seem to want to stop. The air was fresh as I just want to wrap up a wealth of big barrels that bring about “spend” gradually.

The boys stopped in Spring Hall. This is a long-standing historical, memories of the Vietnam War. The room has been restored, but retains a pristine beauty incredible.

Leaving Van Hoa plateau, the people feel the energy level is higher than the starting time again. Two little girls decided to go always to the reefs plate. Discus reefs inherently a famous scenic spots of Phu Yen. Yet two original small Phu Yen People forever groping not see the road again. ASIAN! Actually as you see it. But it is the way to Ganh lights.

An Phu commune Ganh light, full of stacked rocks, towering. The beauty here is the primitive beauty. Climb to the tip Ganh lights, looked down at the sea below that shows people how little new mid immense natural and majestic.

Actually Ganh plate lamp can only reefs … 50m rather much. Find out the sad reality that, two small back pack on their way to reefs plates (which are really close to Ganh lights, which cost an extra 5k parking). Results are not ashamed to be the most beautiful places in Phu Yen. Reef which naturally beautiful plate, no human hand interjected. Beauty truly unique in the world.

Having said how beautiful, how much fun by yourself does not carry the backpack up and go. And that’s all go, then go, no need to think twice, think, do not need a million silver account, do not need a map, just an enthusiasm and dreams filled only. Well, still need a big bit more friendship, bear right!

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