Travel to Cầu river for enjoying the coconut specialties

Visit the Cầu River on the sunshine day sees the sultry, how sure you are the girl standing next to the pile of fresh coconut nghệu high road side ranked reassure invites with the clear, sweet voice. Coconut sweet here make you tired yet bold, fresh also the back immediately. But the coconut that you drink here is grown across the peninsula, around the Spring of saline sea water the chat, so that fresh coconut water in a strange way.
Is the land of coconuts, the river has the canvas strip of thousands of tall coconut trees, this afternoon I. Take advantage of what nature gifts, people here used to coconut processing how many delicious dishes, according to the criteria of “delicious-cheap”. Su cake is going, rice paper, sticky coconut water coconut, coconut jam, coconut cake, at least porridge with coconut, tea, coconut water coconut stew chicken … or simply the tide pool cool coconut Cup enough to dispel the sultry summer afternoon’s Central.

Morning, to incense, just lined a bowl of oatmeal coconut water also helps you energetic enough for long busy day. Aromatic white rice cooking porridge with fresh coconut water, add a little coconut milk to dry and fresh coconut scraper small, forming a taste very “special”.

Su-Se cake is also called serial cakes. Pale yellow cake, plasticity, sweetness and aromatic. The cake was covered by a layer of banana leaves like leaves little cake gai.The name associated with the story about the couple who merchant of Oldtimer. The tale that, before her husband sailed for wholesale in the distance, the wife and husband donated cakes do swear that her heart but far apart despite the always sweet, tasty as cake.

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After the rice is milled out bring mixed with coconut juice, coconut has been rubbing all squeezed into juice. Clean the bark peeling on, were Sesame add less pepper chopped shallot slices together, whether the truth slim. All is mixed well and then coated the cake. Fresh coconut is usually coated on to the thick layer and coated, so when grilling up, new gear and delicious crispy, bulging. Once coated, the cake was basking in the Sun until dry.

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Coconut sticky rice can cook with the leaves of pineapple. Raspberries eaten very flexible, scented leaves, the smell of coconut and fatty… the fragrance of Sesame, Tingle.

And the simplest is a project with a cool Cup of coconut, coconut white enclosed drive away the sweety and sunny.

Also a lot of delicious food and attractions awaiting you in the central sea valves Strip, come and explore.

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