Triem Đuc thermae park

Blue flowing river here forms a blue abyss, heated above 70 ° C from the reefs flowed down the river, people here called the Field of furnaces. Along the edge of the granite reefs with a green forest about creating an aquatic landscape painting.

Here, the white sand shore has a megalith, from the rocks, a stream of hot water in a small ditch flowing out. Balmy weather, steam can be seen. At this point you will be bathing river, a hot bath, mud or pedicure in natural mineral waters to recuperation, while watching the spectacular nature of rivers, streams and mountains.

Additionally, you can also hard-boiled eggs in hot springs, many people come here to visit has brought both poultry meat and live to cook on site.

Today, the hot spring Triem Germany has become the entertainment, sightseeing tourists on holidays, weekends.
Address: Village Triem Duc Xuan Quang II commune. Dong Xuan

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