Triggerfish Dishes

In marine species, there is a fish-shaped things are realized, as the ark square, stocky meat, more delicious and fishermen should be nicknamed the “chicken saltwater “Trigger-Fish was the same box.

Trigger-Fish usually live fish in the bay and the sea calm dress, can catch easily than the seas or Phan Thiet, Phu Yen. But even in those areas that, the number of Trigger-Fish is very few, the animal had never seen anyone gathered on sale, more slow-growing types of fish should always be regarded as the rare upper secondary is not easy to be rewarded formula.

When we mentioned to its interesting name, few people would not have laughed because the type named “looks the capture dong” of the coastal fishermen. Called Trigger-Fish fish but not flattened box, but the tension-packed, square. He says it’s the same bull, who assert exactly the same coffin away clothes, this strange fish called the ark cows. Who also said that the ark with them Trigger-Fish with fish and rough thick skin, such as Trigger-Fish hunchback, Trigger-Fish skin Fish should also be referred to as cows, while the shape of the trunks, then everyone nodded in agreement. Supervised Trigger-Fish swimming in the water box is also quite an recovery, the puffy body almost does not move a lot, so put your weight on the tail fins chest Extremely tiny wagged sides.

By itself strange fish and meat so incredibly special. Trigger-Fish meat white box than the chicken, the chicken is not ashamed to saltwater. Moreover, the whole body crawling with no more backbone than the bone chips yet, so when everyone eat fish reminiscent excited as every fiber of chickens are taken very white soft shore.

Trigger -Fish got the simple recipe, no need of herbs and spices, tasting takes place public;just pick up the fish out of water friends, while waiting for the fish thrashed a bit and then take power lies dormant, people heading north charcoal stove and put the fish on the grill. Then flip back so for them until the skin is charred meat is cooked evenly. Experience gourmet grilled said, put the meat on the grill carefully spine should have the back, all the more fragrant meat. Meat Trigger-Fish is not greasy, but not manufactured turn fussy but still charming delicious.Use your fingers to remove the meat not fish, put salt lemon pepper pungent, bring up the sweet mouth feel, taste sniffed fish, the sea seen as dilated senses, strangely relaxed.

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