Tu Quang Pagoda

Tu Quang Pagoda is located on the mountain Bach Thach which is located in An Dan commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province, the center of the city of Tuy Hoa is about 35km. The temple is located in the mountains, between a white rocky area so it was called the White Stone Temple or Bach Thach Pagoda. Erected in 1797, the White Stone Temple located at an altitude of nearly 100 meters above the sea. Temple back to the north based on Xuan Dai mountains, white rock clusters hidden in the undulating luxuriant tree constellation reinforces looks ancient, majestic architecture.
The remaining three sides are rolling down the mountainside to the east with small bushes, green grass make sense for tourists cross as standing looking at a miniature prairie in the classical painter painting at cloudy sky stopped and sunny light.
And the south, in front of the temple is the Ngan Son rivers – Phu My wrapped in a silver braid title morning sun. The afternoon light reflecting the blue water of the river and mountains of white rock in mountain river sky moments instant color looks very romantic.
The temple has a total area of ​​approximately 5.000m², the West is the place to build the church tower enlightened monk and abbot. Among them are a really massive star, the smaller house. The only thing of grave towers beer brand has been eroded moss covered no longer read the inscriptions. Particularly tower Monastery of ambassadors is built in the style passed the grave form of Mahayana tower, typical of Cambodia, Thailand, modern tower with many big and small circles overlap like the halo of Buddha measures.
Around the temple is very famous mango orchards, went on Phu Yen poetry as a very special product. In addition, there is a temple bell weighs 330kg results University Venerable French by five cast in the capital Phu Xuan. White Stone Temple by the Ministry of Culture – Information recognized as a historical – cultural national level in 1997.

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