Water-lily Dishes – a unique specialty in Phu Yen

Water-lily flower is a species of freshwater, “Bau” in the local language is an area of about 126ha area by the water. Around it is very dense green bamboo. It wrapped inside villages. Depending on the season, in the “watchful” people grow enough crops.


From January to February lunar half, Water-lily has two unique delicacies, it is Crucian carp and water lilies. Previously this season under the watchful Crucian carp abound. Crucian carp here for delicious meat and almost become a brand name, “crucified” in the minds of many people when it comes to this place: Fish crucian Water-lily! Fresh Crucian carp cook delicious but also what is most delicious ginger warehouse, cooked with green tomatoes in New neighbors (village of Hoa Da) is unparalleled. In the past, many people fascinated salad Water-lily Crucian carp, but now people eat this very rare because of the risk of liver fluke.Recently, not knowing why the intercession of Crucian carp clearly reduced. Less fish, the price can reach hundreds of thousands of a sign.

Now It’s immediately to the season is the season Crucian carp lilies.These shoots mud prolonged accumulation vitality rise, cover tightly round leaves and flowering water. Lilies here with dark purple, green white, opalescent; they hatch from dawn to dusk, closed within about weeks. Season-lily Water lilies in bloom, the last one also surprised with simple strokes, its gentle tonality. People picking themselves (stem) processing lilies delicacies such as pickled, mixed vegetables, salad … the meals more colorful. One of the dishes are far more people to heart when this land was the salad lilies.

Cotton stalks break double break three, stripped shell, cut into short, clean. Pork, ground beef tenderloin or shrimp poached for little undercooked and then chopped. Fresh lemon juice, fish sauce, sugar and pepper gun cotton, meat, shrimp mixed in. Roasted peanuts scattered disk, add the sliced ​​peppers nine points, herbs of all kinds … so simple, but we had a dinner salad tasty tart lilies. Was it because of a dip in the mud for a long time that human water yet, under the Water-lily plants should also sound delicious tingle. After Crucian carp, water lilies, not to mention the shady, eel. Ram clean, keep tiles, more natural. Spices for food is simply madness stalks lemon grass and chilli couple, pepper, pickled, marinated in technology … and then ram on hot oil. When permeability spices, the ram or straw gold color, aromatic, crispy and fatty food. Serve with rice rumbled new cold or when entertaining hybrid rai each situation as proper penetration.

In addition to ram, Water-lily eel dishes are considered “siblings”. Eels here are not big but the fat, fresh meat and do stuff like fried with chilli, um banana, soup and porridge. Eel cleaning the pot boiled along with a few slices of ginger cooked to, take out the meat to remove bone plucking, if boiled too, the bone will leave the segment, it is difficult plucking. Marinated meat section for available offers in the closet. Small bones grinding, water intake, along with quilted details previously took the pot boiled water for rice eel and delicious on porridge. Spices together with a bowl of porridge when the left disk chopped chilli, pepper powder, less laksa leaves or chopped coriander, served with baked roll.

Eel broth is the synthesis of fatty flavor, fragrant, sweet and warm. Water-lily also a specialty again bring greater income for the majority of the people of this place, which is spinach. Degrees from March, intercession water recede, people unloading vegetable transplants land with an area of tens of hectares. Water-lily vegetable consumption were taken throughout the province, sometimes “export” up until the Phu Tuc Phu Bon (Gia Lai). Cheap spinach here (each bundle to prices ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 contracts), lush, crisp stalks boiled or fried dishes should do great also. Water-lily to me and many people deserve to be considered as a destination ideal for tourists. Hopefully in the future, it will become reality.

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