Xuân Đài Bay

There is a small bay on Xuan Dai Bay, Mountains wrapped and stretched out to the sea beaches, it caused chaos for travelers in the heart at first sight. Xuan Dai Bay is mentioned is a beautiful bay on the central strip, but many people love the sea was known earlier. Simply, this is a beautiful bay that when it comes to pure, people use the phrase “beauty xao” to describe. Coming here, tourists like to forget most of what was experienced by Xuan Dai Bay immediate stupor!

Located right on Highway 1A, Xuan Dai Bay as a fairy was buried in long sleep. The beach in Da Nang, Nha Trang Xuan Dai Bay outweighed until one remembered to go back and watch. Wide Bay on 13,000ha spread across town and Tuy An Song Cau (Phu Yen). About 4,4km wide mouth of the bay; 50km long bay. There are up to 18m deep water.

Three sides of the bay are covered ridges and spread to the sea. Part rock adjacent to the sea surface erosion by waves, creating strange shapes. First came here, everyone was amazed at charming natural landscape. In the mountains, trees and rocks hugging, crammed together to create the fresh greenery. The vast blue sea. True meaning young green, ultramarine water picturesque …

Since ancient times, Xuan Dai Bay is known very soon. In the history of the country, the Tay Son and Nguyen dynasty had a naval battle here. This used to be a busy commercial center on the sea and the shore. Locals boast bay because occurred a historic diplomatic activities in 1832. Meanwhile, the US diplomatic delegation brought a letter from the country’s president to meet with Foreign Xuan Dai Bay corridor Nguyen Tri Phuong (appointed by king Minh Mang to) to apply “commercial exchanges”. Xuan Dai Bay became the first original communication between Vietnam and the United States.
For a long time, this region is the capital of the province of Phu Yen. In addition, it also saved the victory sign, in the work history and preserve open land border of his father … until the day 20-1-2011, Xuan Dai Bay was recognized as a national relic and is focused on development of tourism.
Phu Yen province and neighboring provinces tourist routes to connect this bay, creating a new product for tourism in Central. When many places are overloaded and impose more structure into nature, then Xuan Dai became an attractive destination. There, visitors can find the unspoiled nature. Neighbors live in harmony, crammed, but retains the pure beauty of nature.

Around Xuan Dai Bay has many places for tourists to stay. Den reef, part of the mountain range surrounding Tamarind Bay, the rocks piled on each other to form a dangerous position. On the top there is a lighthouse to guide ships at night so the locals called Den reef.
Binh Sa Beach is a beautiful beach, casuarina forests cover the open sea creates music attracted many tourists do. Many mountain jutting into the sea, the water Xuan Dai Bay split into many small bays.

Landlocked foothills formed beaches, rocks. At the foot of the mountain Hon Bo and Lu Mu U Tra beaches, Than, Noni, Bang … The beach park has an area not large but enough for relaxing, sightseeing and experience life close to nature Of course, the ocean. Nearby are the villages and small towns.

Xuan Dai Bay stretching and connecting with other places along National Highway 1A, Phu Yen Province to form string interesting destinations, such as Cu Mong Lagoon, O Loan lagoon, Da Dia Reef … From now on, tourists while over the central strip of Phu Yen have had to walk back painted glass scene rather cursory situation as before. Phu Yen has gradually formed many resorts with eco-friendly nature. “Born after, calving late” but tourist attraction where visitors not by natural amenities that are pristine and clean.

Not only beauty that this place belongs to seafood “voice” in the region. Owning multiple bays, lagoons so the area is inhabited, feeding of many marine species. Clean marine environment quality seafood should always be high on the hearts of visitors. In the lagoon at the “Made in brown”, fishermen had caught many species of seafood, especially crab weighing up to several per child. Loan lagoon oysters are ranked first in terms of quality …

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