10 tourist attractions not to be missed in Australia

Speaking of Australia, we often think of Sydney, Melbourne and Ayers Rock. But do not be so ignored Tasmania, an island located in the southern part of Australia, the place is like heaven on earth.

The general trend of travelers to foreign tourism is concentrated in the famous city that ignores the remote location, situated far from the center. Because of this habit has made us lose the chance to admire the stunning views of minority lands arrived. Tasmania is one such place.

Located in the south of Australia, Tasmania is those who love such as heaven on earth by the magnificent natural style and gorgeous. Here are 10 destinations were rated as the most attractive of the island.

1. Bruny Island

You’ll lose more than an hour away by ferry from Hobart Bruny Island. This is a small island with beautiful beaches, very fresh seafood. The island has very few inhabitants, so it is ideal Bruny if you are eager to seek a resting place brings peace of mind.

2. Hang Remarkable

Australians are proud to have so many unspoiled natural landscape beautiful and situated on the Remarkable Cave Tasmania newspaper is one of them. Located near Port Arthur, Remarkable is not really a cave, but exactly a road tunnel through the rock created by the erosion of the sea. This is a fascinating place to visit and the location is perfect for those who love surfing adventure.

3. Salamanca Market

Hobart has a bustling market every Saturday from 8:30 to 15:00, which is the Salamanca Market. There are more than 300 stalls selling all sorts of local food to the artwork or coffee. Market does not only serve the needs of local purchases, but also a favorite of many hotel guests.

4. Margaret Ho hydropower

Situated near Queenstown, Margaret HPP is the exciting point should not be overlooked. Here, you can get firsthand look past the heyday of a hydroelectric plant with a few plumbing in the turbine still usable. If you want, you can go completely into the factory to learn more about the hydroelectric facilities.

5. Allendale Gardens

Situated near Smithton, Allendale garden is a rich world, including plants and flowers from all over the world. You can catch the public attention is cleverly showing off magnificent wings, walk under the canopy of an ancient forest full of ferns, spellbound watching the colorful flowers or stop at the teahouse scattered elsewhere on-site garden.

6. The railway “Wild West”

Guests love the story of the “wild west” can try a trip by steam train machines, on the route from Queenstown to Dubbil Barril. Looking ahead, the recovery is complete it will last longer. The train will bring you back to life wild west early years of the 20th century, when the road began to be established.

7. Maria Island National Park

Maria Island is the seat of the old Darlington, a probation station detained the first inmates arrived servitude. Now the building is still some residual from that help you visualize portion lives of ancient lifer. Here you can walk or take part in the hiking. Not only prison, the island still more to explore, there are imposing cliffs, the mountains stretching out to sea, and also the great vast sea bay again.

8. Cradle Mountain Region

Locals no stranger to mountain-shaped cradle – Cradle Mountain, but tourists are not everyone heard of it. There are less than 200,000 visitors each year to the Cradle. The nature here is still wild with rich flora and fauna. Conquering Cradle or explore the trails around the mountain is an experience so should remember.

9. Limestone caves “gunns plains”

Discovered in 1906 by Bill Woodhouse in a hunting trip, when his dogs fell into a cave created from moving. Gunns Plains has many nooks and rigid, multicolored stalactites created by the reflection of light. Not only that, you can discover regional history through the tour is open daily.

10. Sea Bay “Bay of Fires”

For those travelers looking for exclusive and unusual beaches is “Bay of Fires” is the place for you. Gulf preserve the pristine beauty of these sands, exotic red rocks and blue sea stretching makes your short break could not help admiring admiration.

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